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Islands for hiking - ideal summer destination

Hiking Summer Destination, Angel Island, California, Aerial view

If you want a vacation, away from the daily you can opt for a holiday on an island. But choose an island where you can go hiking if you're not the kind of person to sit all day at the beach. Here are three of the most fascinating islands you can visit.

Island Saint George, Florida

Island St. George is a real jewel, surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico north. The island covers an area approximately 30 kilometers long can offer countless opportunities for leisure. From hiking, to bars, restaurants, cafes and shops where you can buy souvenirs.

About half of the island is "covered" by a picturesque park. Shore of the island consists of a long strip of beaches with fine sand.

You can go hiking on the trails of wood inside the park, where horizons are dominated by tall trees and maritime pine forests. When you get tired, you can relax on the beach where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

Angel Island, California

Angel Island is situated in the Bay of San Francisco, California and is one of the best choices to escape the noise and bustle of big cities. The whole area of the island is covered by National Park Angel Island. Location is perfect for a picnic in the family but also for a romantic getaway for two.

The mountainous landscape of the island will lure you from hiking long and tempting coast offers places for meditation. In addition, the island's south coast offers breathtaking views over the city of San Francisco.

Sardinia, Italy

A wonderful place located near Italy. This is one of the greatest jewels of the Mediterranean.

Here you can get a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal areas to steep hills and high peaks. In addition, the Mediterranean climate is ideal for hiking throughout the year. Being a huge island, you will need to spend more vacations in the area to fully enjoy the beauties of the island and to browse the whole island walking.