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Four attractive destinations for 2015

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Make your vacation plans according to the new attractions this year. Adventure lovers can choose packages that combine relaxing days with excursions into the jungle or mountain ridges. Here are fashionable destinations in 2015!

1. Corsica

Napoleon's Island is a place where beaches await you between June and August but is also a favorite destination for tourists who love the outdoor movement. You can climb the mountain, you can make easy biking or horseback riding in arid landscape of Corsica. The price of a one week stay in the peak period is around 1,000 euros / person without transport, in three star hotels Ajaccio. But you can find better deals in the villages around the city.

2. Haida Gwaii

Archipelago from the coast of British Columbia is a real tourist paradise. Peak period is from May to September, you get two daily flights between Vancouver and the islands of the archipelago. Islands attraction is the thermal springs that are placed fixed on rocky beaches of the archipelago. For peak season it is possible to fork out about $ 1,000 for a week in Haida Gwaii.

3. Peru

Peru has become a beloved tourist destination especially for foodies. With a traditional kitchen appreciated by tourists worldwide, Peru has an exotic destination renowned for majestic landscapes and culture. With about $ 600 you can book hotels near Lake Titicaca.

4. Malaysia

Divided into two distinct worlds, the continental influences dominated by Chinese and Indian cultures, and the island, with its own characteristics, Malaysia remains a tourist jewel of Asian area. Borneo Island is the most popular for tourists attracted so beautiful beaches and mysterious jungle. A 12-day circuit through Malaysia cost around 2,112 euros per person in the program included visits to Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves and several targets on the island of Borneo.