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Dream holiday for sports fishermen

Dream Fishing Holiday, Belize, Best spot

Sports fishing is an activity that many people turn into passion. According to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, in the United States, about 33 million people share this hobby. Americans spend over $ 48 billion annually on fishing gear, licenses, and fishing trips.
In recent years, sport fishing has become an increasingly popular activity among the Romans, despite the high costs it entails. Those truly passionate do not look at money when it comes to their hobby. For them we have three tips for a dream vacation for any fisherman.

Choose the best destination

As every fisherman knows, you have to go fish, fish does not come to you. For a very special catch, you have to travel in a very special place. Some of the best-known destinations for fishing are Belize, Malindi (Kenya), Key West (Florida, USA), Panama, Bermuda, Montauk (New York, USA) and Langara Islands (Canada). Sure, a trip to such a location is long and boring, but the trophies you get will deserve physical and financial effort. Find the right ticket offer to have a much-loved fishing game.

Choose the right tools

It is not enough to get into places where you can catch the biggest and most famous fish if you do not have the right tools. First of all, you have to inform yourself about the type of fish you will try to catch. You will need a net and net that can withstand the weight and strength of the fish. Second, you'll need specialized bait. Also, ask yourself what you can buy on the spot and what you must take with you from home. Compare the prices in the country with those in your area. In this way, you will be able to take the most viable decision from an economic point of view. It is recommended that you go to specialized stores to get the best products and if you have the opportunity, consult a specialist.

Technology is your ally

If you're still going to exotic locations, take the opportunity to take pictures. Ideal would be to have a performance camera that can get both overall and detailed images. In addition, you will surely want to take a picture of the giant fish you caught. A high definition movie droning machine would help you navigate the area to see which areas the fish concentration is larger and which is the best fishing spot. Ideally it would be that the drone can transmit the video in real-time to your mobile phone or laptop.