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Four European destinations - you have to visit before you die

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Major European destinations attract tourists like a magnet. But you can find amazing places in less populated by tourists destinations. Here are four such destinations which is a must to visit them at least once in a lifetime.

Porto, Portugal

It is the second town in size of Portugal, but is often ignored in favor of Lisbon. Make a compromise and buy a ticket to Porto. Visit Mercado do Bolhao, a fascinating indoor market, where you can buy anything you want. Then walk on the river Douro, visit the Sao Francisco cathedral, museums and art galleries. And if you get here, it's compulsory to taste well-known port wine is produced in cellars Ferrira.

Piran, Slovenia

Located in southwestern Slovenia, Piran is a city that will leave you speechless. Gothic narrow streets and alleys will spur a long walk. It is a city rich in historical and architectural monuments, which will prompt you to come back every time you get a chance, although it is a small town that you can visit in a few days.

Hallstatt, Austria

The oldest city in this country, has won the "pearl of Austria". It is a picturesque town, perfect for fascinating walks. You can visit numerous saline, historic monuments and museums. Do not hesitate to try local dishes.

Rovinj, Croatia

It is one of the largest resorts on the peninsula of Istria, Croatia. Visit the famous port city, where you can buy fresh fish brought to shore in the first hour of the morning. If you get here you must visit the Brijuni National Park, where you can admire the remains of the Byzantine Palace.