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Travel WorldNews Tops 8 Perfect destinations for an extended weekend - Part One

8 Perfect destinations for an extended weekend - Part One

Extended Weekend Holiday, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bridge lit up

With more and more friendly temperatures, it is as if the travelling mood is coming. So, take advantage of a prolonged weekend, and make your holiday plans. Enough not to get bored, but also how to have time to admire the beauties of the place and to consume energy. Here it is!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here you have no chance to feel stranger; So many colors of skin, religion and culture surround you that you will think nothing but that you are in the place. At the same time, in May, the tulips given in bloom and the chance to leave the umbrella at home because too many clouds do not show are promises of the place. Here you can join a free tour to understand from the very beginning how the city's art, history and architecture are, or you can opt for another tour (all free) in the Red-Light District to unravel the culture of this so controversial area.

Tenerife, Spain

You can see the active Teide volcano, the highest peak in Spain and all the Atlantic islands and the third largest volcano on the planet. Continuing with a visit to Garachico, a settlement that in the 18th century was the most important port of the island, but history turned it into a small, charming village where the volcanic lava created natural pools. Neither Masca village ought to escape you. It is said to be the most beautiful village on the island, where 100 souls along with thousands of cacti, palm trees and lemons call it "home". And when you look up, look at the ocean. And if you keep on going, you get to him.

Porto, Portugal

In the weekends, in Porto, you will find the streets full of people enjoying an outdoor drink. For example, Café au Lait on Rua Galerias de Paris listens to electronic music and DJs are invited. If the electronic music is not yours, take a look at the door of the Tendinha Dos Clérigos bar, where you can dance from Wednesday to Saturday from 00:00 to 06:00. Day by day, head to Bolhão Square and choose one of the traditional bread (Broa de Avintes or Pão de Montalegre), a bacalhau, as a dessert you can choose Ameixas de Elvas (a variety of plums cooked for a few days and delicious) or cheeses sellers.

Marrakech, Morocco

Walking through Medina or the Old City Center is an absolute experience. Forget the map as you walk through the streets, go through ancient buildings, shops and houses, through the story of hundreds of years of urban civilization that drives this border of Islamic culture. In addition, you will find delightful Moroccan cuisine. Stopping at one of the restaurants on different roofs will be a break from the typical Medina with the Atlas Mountains, the Koutoubia Mosque or the remote city architecture.