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Travel WorldNews News Travels have a beneficial effect on health

Travels have a beneficial effect on health

Holiday Effect, Travels have a beneficial effect on health

Travels have a beneficial effect on health, recent studies show. Some would like, as doctors to recommend vacancies against stress.

Travels make people happier and healthier

According to a study mentioned by Travel Pulse, has increased the number of Americans who plan to travel during the summer 2012. The research was conducted by a company in Washington, Heart + Mind Strategies and involved 1,000 people between 21 years old and 74 years old.

More than half of Americans believe that doctors should prescribe a holiday to reduce stress. 9 of 10 Americans say they are happier after a holiday. 77% of respondents believe their health improves after a trip.

"Holidays greatly improved the quality of life", said Dr. Ian Smith, health and wellness expert and author of bestsellers. In case of Americans, over half of employees have not taken annual holiday. At least 82% of respondents believe that vacations are even more important in times of crisis, to make easier the job stress.

Also 82% of respondents said that some of the best moments of their lives were held during the holidays. 59% of participants believe that the loss of paid annual leave decreases the general welfare of a person.

Travel: benefits or risks concerning health?

Although everyone wants to travel, tourism sometimes involve risks, in terms of health. A German research in 2002 shows that although tourists are sometimes faced with health problems in their travel but in general terms it is a positive perception about traveling besides these small problems.

Participants responded to questions about concerning health precautions, medical consultations made during travel, and travelers' perception over their health status. 10.1% have experienced health problems related to travel and 1.8% suffered injuries during excursions. While traveling in Europe, 6% of respondents had problems while traveling far away, totaled 16.2%.

It was found, but eventually, the number of consultations, and medical care, declined after the trip. The positive impact of travel over respondents seemed greater than the impact of health problems encountered.