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Positive and negative effects of tourism

Positive and Negative Tourism, Negative impact of tourism for enviroment

The tourism industry has a strong impact on local economies worldwide. One of the biggest debates is that concerning positive and negative effects of tourism and sustainable tourism policies.

Economic effects

The main advantage that it is a community that lives on tourism, are the earnings gained from it. But the community in question must submit an ongoing effort to keep the tourism industry. On the other hand, there are offshore corporations that provide services to tourists, and keep away from the locals the profits made.

Environmental impacts

One of the things that few tourists realize is the impact of tourism on the environment. Tourism can destroy ecosystems and environments or on the contrary, to preserve a protected area which otherwise would have been vulnerable to industrial development.

Sustainable tourism aims to provide a positive experience both locals and tourists, and while avoiding negative impacts on the environment, economy, culture and places.

On the one hand, eco-tourism, protect wildlife, authenticity, traditions and local communities. On the other hand, there is a risk that communities become dependent on the tourism industry.

Cultural effects

Culture is a commodity. It gives tourists the opportunity to experience a different culture, and make profits, to the community. On the other hand, tourism can affect traditional communities, threatening the lifestyle and local products, because of an invasive process that puts pressure outside. A fishing village turned into a tourist destination persuades the locals to open bars and restaurants, abandoning the former lifestyle.

Political effects

Tourism is a way to approach two peoples, two cultures, religions and traditions. But it may happen that extreme differences of wealth or lifestyle, to cause resentment by both sides.

Social effects

Tourism development in one area creates new jobs. However, the program difficult, and many hours of work causes people to be less sociable. Therefore, they maintain less contact with others.