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Top 5 most dangerous natural pools in the world

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Nature offers plenty of opportunities for fun, but some of them are downright scary for the faint of heart. Below is the most dangerous natural pools in the world, in which you must give proof of courage crazy, you submerge.

1. Tat Kuang Si Waterfall

Situated on the river Mekong in Laos, Tat Kuang Si waterfall delight with crystal clear waters in the basins formed at the base, and on its many levels. However, a dip in the river can directly throw you to the rocks from the bottom of the fall.

2. Devil Basin

With names suggestive natural pool is located right on the edge of Victoria Falls, and one mistake can drive about 105 meters down. However, the place is flooded with tourists from September to December, when the river waters have the lowest rate. Zambian authorities say they recorded at least one victim annually.

3. Dean's Blue Abyss

Bahamas submerged volcano cone is a real attraction among diving enthusiasts. But most prefer to dive without adequate equipment in volcano 135 meters deep, which leads to constant recording of tragedy. The charming swimming in the ocean is about 100 kilometers far from Belize.

4. Jellyfish Lake

In Palau, the receding water left over 12 millennia spent time, trapped inside a giant lake with thousands of jellyfish. In this gigantic natural pool you will not only have to defeat your fear of swimming among these 10 million sea creatures. This for the simple reason that their defensive mechanisms lancing and poisoning predators have disappeared over time.

5. Salty basins in the Azores

The small group of islands in the mid-Atlantic has used natural basins created by ocean waves into shore islands in the post of natural saltwater pools. Tourists use them and those arranged on the left and the model devised by nature, but the latter shows the risk of the emergence of powerful tidal waves.