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Top 5 Oddest beaches worldwide

Oddest Beach Holiday, Koekohe Beach, Moeraki, New Zealand, Boulders view

Do not rush to pack your swimsuit if you want to visit the beaches below. In some cases, you can enjoy a swim in the sea even in the hottest month of the year! Instead, these five beaches will attract you by their less familiar landscape:

1. Glass Beach

The conquest of America would have been much more difficult if the residents had access to the Pacific remains now thrown on the shore of California. Bottle thrown over the years in the ocean is poured for years on a beach near Fort Bragg from. This now seems a natural deposit of colored glass stoppers.

2. Beach or aerodrome?

A vacation in the island of Saint Martin may be an experience ... deafening. Especially if you choose to relax on the beach Maho. The size of the Caribbean island are so low that the airport is two steps away from the beach. Do not worry, so if any Boeing hovers just a few meters above your head.

3. Ice Beach

Choose a ski suit instead of the bathroom if you want to visit the ice beach Jokulsarlon in Iceland. Pressing in a land filled with volcanic ash, the remains of icebergs thrown ashore invites you to enjoy a refreshing drink. So do not forget to slip into luggage and a bottle of whiskey and a glass or two. Ice is on the house!

4. Egg Dragon Beach

Unlikely to spread a sheet on the beach you can Koekohe in New Zealand. It is known as the "Dragon eggs Beach", but you will not worry mythological beasts, but muddy ground. Beach Koekohe consists of a loamy soil that brings up from time to time some big lumps of sedimentary rocks. These were called by locals "Moeraki" meaning dragon eggs.

5. Dike of the giants

No place in this world is so studded with legends such as Ireland. Islanders misses no opportunity superstitious to assign loads strange magical landscapes. The pier and beach as giant a shore that 50-60 million years ago took the form of a huge breakwater built in stages after lava cooled suddenly drained here.