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The most important tourist events in January and February 2013

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January and February are full of special events and important for everyone. For example, in January, the first day of the New Year takes place in London one of the most popular street parades in Europe. February is also full of festive activities, ideal for music lovers, dance and fun.

Here are the most important tourist events in January and February 2013:

London New Year Parade

Every year on January 1, takes place in London New Year's Day Parade. The event attended by over 10,000 artists and about 500,000 spectators. Parade starts in Piccadilly, passing near Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and ends reach in Parliament Square. The parade can be viewed for free.

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival runs from February 2 to 12, 2013. To participate in the Carnival, make online reservations for the various events held in the city, where access is cost. At the Venice Carnival held parties, masked balls, opera, dance and etc.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil takes place between February 8 and 13 2013. Carnival opening ceremony takes place on February 8 day when Momo, King of Carnival, is crowned by the mayor and receives the keys to the city.

You can buy tickets for various events of the Carnival: samba parade, carnival balls, etc. Saturday nights. On Sambodromo, samba parades dedicated stadium, tickets are limited and must be purchased sooner.

Verona in Love

Verona is one of the most important tourist destinations in February with Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day each year is held in Verona in Love, an event dedicated to love. In Piazza dei Signori held several concerts with free admission.

Hotels in town preparing special packages designed for couples. Offers include accommodation, breakfast and various products for Valentine's: champagne, visits to wineries with tasting chocolate cakes etc. And restaurants have menus dedicated to couples with heart-shaped dishes. Verona in Love takes place between 14 and 17 February 2013.