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Rules concerning the liquids in hand luggage

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Hand luggage for a flight must be made to meet official regulations for passengers. One of the most common questions about the contents of hand luggage is the liquids.

1. Products

In your hand luggage you are allowed to take liquids, aerosol container or cream, as long as they are in a small amount.

Containers packed in a plastic bag, which may seal, with a maximum volume of 1 liter. It is important that the bag to be closed, and content to be visible if security agencies will want to see what's in your bag. In some cases, from screening passengers are required to present, liquid bag, separate from the hand luggage.

It is not accepted but a bag of liquid, spray or cream per person.

2. Quantity of liquid

You can only take in hand luggage, small products of liquid, aerosols or creams that do not exceed 100 ml each.

3. Exceptions for liquids

Exceptions to the regulations concerning the liquids in hand baggage are represented by certain products, required to passengers: baby food, medication or special diet products. All these products are supported to the extent that will be consumed during the flight.

For liquid medications, is to have a recipe on you to prove that you have to take that drug during the flight.

4. Liquids banned in luggage

Before going through the airport scanner, you should ensure that hand baggage or on you, you don`t have banned liquid: water bottles, juice or alcohol, acetone, milk, bleach, industrial alcohol, liquid lipstick, cleansing milk, thermos with coffee, etc.
Cosmetics and the toilet should be placed in checked baggage or in container of 100 ml packed in plastic bag for hand luggage.

5. Airline companies

Before leaving, search the official website of the airline whose flight information on regulations for hand luggage. That way you can know for sure how and what to pack.