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Protective measures for a vacation in a desert area

Desert Holiday, Dunes of Merzouga Camel ride

Traveling in desert regions and countries require certain safeguards, especially for tourists and people who are not accustomed to such climate and relief. If you visit on holiday desert country, follow the steps below to know what to do.

Steps to follow

Step 1. During the visit. Usually spring and fall are the best times to travel in the desert. But it is good to consult the details about the climate with the seasons in each location and see that weather predictions.

Generally, tour operators organize tours to countries not desert in the summer, because the journey is too difficult. Thus, for example, those wishing to visit Egypt, across the country in a circuit of at least 12 days, they must go in winter or spring, when temperatures are still tolerable.

Step 2. Clothing. When you visit a desert area, it is best to choose clothes made of a material that allows perspiration retention body. This helps the cooling process. In about 24 hours, the body can lose at least 1.5 liters of water in areas with high temperatures.

The space between the garment and leather works as an insulator against heat. Whole body should be covered as to protect the skin from the sand, sun and wind. Problem areas are the head, neck and ankles, because here grains of sand can easily enter, if you have clothes securely.

Even if you go to a desert safari, even if simply visiting a city desert simply because walking requires full shoes, not cut, to protect your skin from the sun.

You must have at you:
- Clothing that covers arms and legs
- Hat
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen lotion
- Comfortable and closed shoes (like sneakers).

Step 3. Water. Water is especially important in desert countries. As long as you are in the hotel or resort especially if you went to visit various tourist attractions you must have to constantly water bottle. If a representative of a travel agency, normally you have to ensure that bottled water during the entire trip.

Find, usually water and juices to traders who sell goods besides archaeological sites and tourist attractions in the area, but the prices are often much higher and lose valuable time negotiating received water instead of using the bus and dedicate your time visit.

Step 4. Car. If you go by car or hired a guide to take with you and your interests are ways to contact someone if you run out. It is possible not to have mobile phone coverage in the desert.

Keep in mind that a car left under the scorching sun overheats and you will not be able to reach her door or other object than the gloves.

Step 5. Towels. Towels are very useful when traveling in the desert because they can be used in many ways. If you have car trouble and get stuck, you can cover the windows with them, until Fri aid to protect you from the sun.

Things you need

- Aerated water
- Clothing & footwear suitable accessories

Tips & Warnings

Tour operators organize different safaris and visits to Bedouin villages in the desert. Here's your chance to buy souvenirs from local creations, to ride a camel or lunch with Bedouins. Ask your travel agent to provide all information regarding safety precautions specific trip.