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Move the car to the holiday destination

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December is here and like every year around this time, lots of people is preparing to travel. However, these days it gets dark earlier and the rain, fog banks, ice sheets and even snow significantly hinder driving. Use the car in these weather conditions is a challenge for many people. Many of the drivers admit that they do not know how to drive with snow on the road. If we add to this that should take a few days off, sometimes it is necessary to travel by public transport and hire a carrier to send the car to the destination location. The trailer truck carrying several cars at once is the most economical means for moving the private car from one place to another.

Should carefully study the carrier's insurance coverage when you decide to transport the car to another city without driving yourself, you need to hire a car transport company for transportation. Generally, these auto transport companies have weekly routes and tracks to and return. We must take into account a number of issues regarding the type of transport:
• Closed and individual transport by road:
If there is a high-end car or a "classic", it is best to move it across a company that has a single truck and closed. It is the best option, but also the most expensive, since the price of transportation is not shared with other clients. The vehicle is protected and your move is done door to door.
• Car driver who takes the road:
The cheaper alternative is to hire a company that has drivers that move the vehicle to the destination location. There are many people who dismiss this option, since they dislike a stranger drive your vehicle and also because in the long journeys in excess increases the car's mileage. As an advantage, it should be noted that the car is moving door to door.
• Trucking more vehicles:
The intermediate option between the previous two is to take the car into a tractor trailer with capacity to transport several vehicles all at once. It is the most appropriate solution for long distance transportation is cheaper than the first option, since the cost is shared among multiple customers. However, the transport service is slower.
Most specialized truck transport vehicles are loaded platforms from six to ten cars. In this mode you can not carry out door to door system but often the car is delivered to a distribution center for the purpose. Another drawback of this approach is that the owner of the vehicle must be subject to the schedule of the carrier regarding the collection and delivery of your car.
• Sea and air transport:
If the vehicle owner will spend a short vacation in one location and then return to his hometown it is not worth shipping the car. It makes more sense to rent a car at the destination, to bear the expense of taking the car.

Tips for hiring a car transport company
When deciding to hire a company to move the particular vehicle to the destination, you must follow some guidelines:
The carrier's insurance should cover damage by friction or fire vehicles, among other
• In principle, we must be wary of companies that do not have a physical headquarters, in whatever means you choose to move the vehicle.
• Choosing which carrier is right and prepare documentation for transfer of the vehicle can take several days. Therefore, there is sufficient time to plan the relocation of the car.
• You have to decide the exact date that the company needs to make the transportation of the vehicle. In this case, we must bear in mind that not all companies make daily routes to all cities.
• In addition, the company should request a quote prior to transport and detail the specific characteristics of the car, additional accessories that counts, not the extras that come standard, elements or devices that do not work, and so on. This makes the company to give a tighter budget.
• Consideration should be given to the carrier you have chosen and, in particular, your insurance coverage. In general, the most common type of insurance companies are using these payment policies (fixed premium). This type of insurance provides coverage as determined by the same means of transport and is most often used to cover the risks of goods transported by trucks. It covers direct physical damage of goods transported, as a result of shock or friction in open vehicles, fires, explosions, crashes and rollovers, robbery, etc..
• It is best to inspect the car before leaving and when picked to ensure that no damage has occurred during transport. If the car has suffered any damage in shipment, the carrier's insurance will cover it. It is also recommended talking to the insurance company to know what is covered in the shipment. In case of damage to be seen during transport, these should be reflected in the delivery order. If the damages are not documented, the carrier is exonerated of any responsibility.
• It is appropriate to leave the original documentation in the vehicle. It is best to give the carrier a copy.
• We must provide a copy of the keys to the car to the shipping company.
• On the other hand, it is important to note that most carriers do not permit personal belongings inside the vehicle due to weight restrictions and insurance.
• You must remove the antenna on the vehicle, hands-free phone devices and remotes garages that are not integrated into the car. Apart from this, some companies recommend that you unplug the alarm of the car before moving it.
• The car must be clean to better appreciate the potential damage that may result after the move. In addition, you must check the status of the battery and get the car ready when traveling to a cold (check tires, antifreeze, chains, etc.).
• As forms of payment accepted by the transport companies include: cash, bank transfer, payment in advance partial payment in advance, the service PayPal (payment via internet) and the payment against rebate.
• At rates of transportation companies add a surcharge when the transfer of the vehicle is done at night, weekends and holidays and holiday seasons.