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How do you prepare for a temporary stay in another country

Long Vacation, Family trip with children

When you go abroad for a long time, it is ideal to prepare systematically for travel, so to eliminate risks which may arise as a temporary move abroad. Learn how to prepare for a temporary stay in another country quickly and efficiently!

Get documents you need abroad

Depending on the activity that will take place abroad, you will need several pieces. Try to take your copies and photocopies rather than originals where possible. If you have visa-related documents, find information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you go to study, ask for details of organization where you're going. If you work abroad a few years, your employer should specify those pieces that you take with you. You may need to make your card in the currency to use it abroad.

Find out how you can be assured abroad

Medical insurance, life insurance or other types you should you have before departure and get ready to start the procedure once you arrive at your destination. For a period of up to six months, you can use your European Health Insurance. Depending on the work done at the destination, you have to get the necessary information on medical services available in your case.

Find long term accommodation abroad

One of the most important aspects of a long stay abroad is accommodation. If you are not a home service provided, you can search for an apartment to rent long term. Find websites online rental an apartment, studio, a house or a room as needed.

If you go to language classes, there are many possibilities of accommodation: guest house, hotel, host family.

Find everyday costs abroad

Search the internet or travel guides detail about daily living costs ("cost of living") for each location. It is important to know before starting average price for rent, food, transportation, recreational activities, etc.

Learn the rules of etiquette local

If you have to wait a long time abroad, you need dictionaries, travel guides and materials to help you adapt more easily in the company. Some of this information are related to local label. Learn how to behave in certain situations, the rules of etiquette and so do your friends from the early days.

Get smart luggage

Pay attention to the things you put in your suitcase, from clothes to bedding or other accessories. Except that you can buy many things at the destination, you must make a clear list of things needed for more seasons.

All orders leave home

In case of long stays abroad, if you live alone or go with the whole family take care in providing you enough time to leave everything in order at home. You must close the gas, light, to be removed from maintenance and find a trustworthy person that would leave the key in case of emergency.