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Holiday luggage - content for a tropical vacation

Tropical Vacation, Luggage presentation

For a tropical vacation is important to get luggage properly. Health, safety and comfort are the main criteria to keep in mind when preparing for a travel bag in a tropical area.

Here's what to put in luggage:

1. Clothes for tropical destinations

In tropical destinations, the best clothes are in several layers. Heat, moisture, sea currents, rains are several factors that you should consider. Evenings you will need long-sleeved clothes and trousers. Put the bag a few pairs of comfortable shoes, even flip-flop slippers.

Add sunglasses, hat or cap, sunscreen, mosquito lotion.

2. Documents & ID's

Take with you all documents you may need to destination, and copies of hotel bookings, car rental, etc. When traveling to a tropical destination, is a good idea to make your travel insurance.

3. Medicinal

Find out the forecast, and as the climate of your destination. Take with you drugs against heatstroke and sunburn, and other medications that you consider necessary. It is a good idea to make your minikit that it's on yourself whenever you go into a longer trip.

4. Cash

If necessary, change the destination local currency money and make sure you have both cash and card. Buy a special belt to keep money on yourself, especially if you travel to places unknown and uncertain.

5. Beach towel

Sometimes in tropical destinations, you can find a deserted beach, ideal for spending a few hours there. If you are interested area is safe for swimming. It would be good to have in your own bag beach towel if there are any services and facilities there.

6. Water and the bag

In a tropical destination, a vital aspect is the water. You need to be hydrated properly to avoid health problems. However, the body is stressed, more than usual because of climate change. It is good to have a water bottle, like, sports bottles for bicycles, which was a refilled whenever necessary. If you use regular plastic bottles, put the bag a small refrigerator bag. You will be able to keep in it sandwiches and water in the hours you sit outside the hotel.

7. Rucsac

Put in bag, small backpack. This is perfect when going on trips several hours. You can put a change of clothes, camera or anything else you need for a day.

8. Electronic devices

Do not forget to put in the bag (preferably hand luggage) equipment you need: laptop, phone, camera, chargers etc.

9. List of contacts

When you find yourself in a distant destination, is a good idea to have on yourself a list of contacts if you need their help.

10. Maps and books

A tropical destination is a new area, which you need to know as many things. Take with you a guide, a map or anything else you can be informed from. During the holidays, as you relax on the beach might feel like to read and learn more about the region.