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Holiday healthy habits

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You tend to let your lifestyle and healthy habits at home whenever you go on vacation? To avoid any inconvenience and medical problems, and overwhelming guilt, we offer four ideas of healthy habits that you can put into practice when you are in a tourist position.

1. Skip the elevator and climb the stairs

Whatever destination you choose for your holiday, make this healthy habit into a rule: whenever you get the chance, choose to climb stairs instead of the elevator. Exception is the moments when you're loaded with luggage.

2. Explore the area walking

The best way to be able to discover the beauties of the unknown place is to explore on foot. Walking will help not only to identify hidden places you and offer respite to enjoy the scenery of the region visited, but you will perpetuate and friendly health habits practiced at home.

So, avoid as much as possible to walk by public transport (only pick them great distances) and, if possible, rent a bicycle to cycle through extensive tourist routes in less time.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits grown in the destination area

When you're on vacation, it is natural to taste the local specialties - often packed calories - giving up diet you follow at home. But not to throw away all their efforts so far in this direction, make it a habit to try and fruits and vegetables grown in the area visited.

For example, if you are on holiday in a region where oranges, bananas and other exotic fruits growing at the edge of the road, do not hesitate to partake of them!

4. Test and learn some of the sport practiced in the destination area

Last but not least, on the list of healthy habits holiday should not miss playing a sport locally. You are in Spain? Learn Paso double or flamenco, for example. You chose Brazil as a holiday destination? Then take some lessons of capoeira. In this way, not only will you learn more about the traditions of the country visited, but you will maintain and shape.