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Travel WorldNews Holiday Tips Five small towns in Europe where you can fully relax

Five small towns in Europe where you can fully relax

Relaxing Holiday, Bibury, England, Arlington Row

When it comes to the charm of bygone times, Europe is a true treasure trove hidden in the most unexpected places. Hundreds of tiny towns on the map continent still retains the magic of other eras, and in winter become oases of relaxation away from the bustle of big cities.

1. Colmar

Located in Alsace, Colmar is a fairytale town in the French architectural style and has blended perfectly with Teutonic construction charm. The winter season further increases the appeal of the small village fair on tourists under snow Colmar and indeed it looks like a fairytale city.

2. Hallstatt

Included in UNESCO world heritage, the little burg is an Austrian exceptional tourist destination. It is considered one of the most charming small towns in Europe. The picturesque landscape turn the town into a perfect destination for trips all season.

3. Bibury

It is likely to be the most attractive Bibury England town. Stone houses, peaceful atmosphere of the village and the area's hilly landscape make the settlement to be an ideal destination when you are looking for a quiet holiday.

4. Mostar

The city of Mostar was, indeed, the scene of heavy fighting during the wars in former Yugoslavia. But that time was almost forgotten, as the medieval-looking city regained its old charm. Do not miss the view from Blagaj, another attractive medieval fair in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

5. Goreme

Cappadocia is fascinating area offer ingenious solutions found by the Romans and the local population to raise impressive fortresses. Goreme is one of them, the city is carved in stone since the Roman times. Most hotels and restaurants in town are inside rocks sculpted by man, and the settlement has a fantastic look that will win you over. Among the area attractions include overflight over the Cappadocia region in a hot air balloon.