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Countries where are spoken several official languages

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Unbelievable, but life in some countries, can turn you automatically into a polyglot! Several nations on earth have two, three or even more official languages over which there are added local dialects or mixture of the "lingua franca" result on the streets of big cities. Here's how your life would look like ... in one of the 6 towers of Babel of the 21st century

... South Africa

It is a place where you should speak at least three or four of the 11 official languages of the State to make you understand. English is used by most residents of cities in South Africa, although they have developed their own dialect, Afrikaans, a Germanic language like Dutch. The other nine official languages are Bantu dialects.

... Malaysia

A place where you can manage honorable in English. The second is the official language of the local population: Malay. On the streets, however, spoken English is full of terms spicy Malay. Malaysians coming from Indian immigrants speak the language of their ancestors and family. Similarly, Malaysians learn Chinese Mandarin Chinese branch in schools, but speak Cantonese dialects, Hokkien and Hakka in the family.

... Mauritius

Locals Indian Ocean island school teaches English and French. However, French spoken on the streets would be incomprehensible for any lover of Voltaire's language, being filled with local expressions. Some of the inhabitants of Indian ethnicity, and speak Bhojpuri, a dialect of Hindi, while the Chinese language to communicate between them and their ancestors.

... India

A country where Hindi and English are the official languages. In addition, however, each teaches Indian and native dialect region, much of which is radically different to Hindi.

... Suriname

Place where you have to learn Dutch, the language spoken by over half the inhabitants of the former colonies. But speaking the streets in Sranan Tongo, a local dialect influenced by English and Dutch alike.

... Singapore

Asian Island has no less than four official languages: English, Chinese Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Billboards are written in all four languages of Singapore. English remains the language used by all locals connection, even though the streets it has gained local accent, dialect is called Singlish.