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4 destinations in search of happiness

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Since you have not had a vacation in which to come back really happy? Do not blame the transport, service or lost luggage at the airport, most likely your chosen destination was not the most inspired. Here, however, a few places in the world where happiness seems to be at home!
Here are the quietest places in the world!

1. Juzcar, Smurfs village

The village located 20 kilometers from the town of Ronda in southern Spain has adopted four years ago blue on each house in order to promote the movie "Smurfs". Juzcar wrinkle transformed the village until then remained in obscurity, in a rustic paradise for tourists. You can serve a portion of rural life in Spain Malaga wine and spiced with traditional recipes of the area. At 20 kilometers, Ronda, the city suspended on the rocks waiting to visit leisurely tourist attractions are represented by the corrida arena, Arab baths and the Palace of the Moorish King.

2. Andorra

Caught between the borders of France and Spain, on the eastern slopes of the Pyrenees, Andorra residents boast that they are the European pacifists. Andorra has not been involved in an armed conflict for more than 700 years, even during World War I declared war on Germany "remote". Principality has just over 80,000 inhabitants, but receives annually visited by more than 10 million tourists. Andorran Life expectancy is estimated at 82 years.

3. Vietnam

For over a decade, Vietnam has wiped out all the stories of the war and turned into a paradise for hikers. It is pleasing that in Vietnam you can have adventures in the jungle, climbing routes in the mountains, the ocean beach days and the atmosphere of the colonial era preserved in several cities. All at a price low enough.

4. Bhutan

United Asian country is a true peace. Bhutan life runs at a pace so quiet that there is no traffic light in the whole country. In time, Bhutan has built an image of a tourist destination appreciated for the magic of nature from the feet of the Himalayas and the spread of Buddhist temples across all over the kingdom.