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3 terrifying Halloween holiday destinations

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A little time left until Halloween, so if you have not yet made vacation plans, now is the time to do it. Here are three of the scariest holiday destinations.

Bran Castle - Transylvania

Bran Castle or Dracula's Castle in Transylvania is recognized internationally for its mystery.
This year, Halloween is celebrated a whole weekend! Here's where you can stay in our country, that you feel you have taken part in a real Halloween party!

Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad Dracula was not a vampire but the "fame" derived from its inhuman bloodlust, which is also the trigger for Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula".

You do not need garlic and silver crosses you visit Bran Castle, but certainly will give you chills up my spine.

Island of dolls - Mexico

Island of Dolls in Mexico is downright terrifying, especially if you visit at night. It all started with Julian Santa Barrera, who retreated into the desert and found the doll of a girl drowned in a canal at the edge of the island. To help the child to rest in peace, the man hanged the doll to a tree branch. It did not stop here. He began to collect old and broken dolls, which he hung to the trees on the island. Then more people began to donate dolls to hang them in the trees.

Meanwhile the island became a popular tourist destination for lovers of thrills.

Bone Church - Czech Republic

Kutna Hora, also known as the Czech Bone Church is a church built on an impressive ossuary. It hosts more than 40,000 victims of an epidemic that has haunted the city after four and a half centuries.

Clearly, bone church is not a place for tourists faint of heart.