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Travel Oceania French Polynesia The most beautiful island in the world - Bora Bora

The most beautiful island in the world - Bora Bora

Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Hilton Presidential Suite

One local legend Bora Bora (Pora Pora) means "first born". Ta'aroa the supreme god, he brought Bora Island from the water after he created Raiatea Island. He combined the most beautiful shades of blue, green and yellow, to give people an unmatched beauty. Seen from above, Bora Bora Island is like a jewel that has an emerald in the center, an embroidered turquoise ring.

The island measures 40 km2 and is situated 260 km away from Tahiti. The official languages spoken are French and Tahitian, but in hotels, restaurants and shops can communicate in English without any problems. Island's population exceeds 4,000 people, mostly workers in the tourism industry. There are a few commercial banks such as Bank of Polynesia, Banque Socredo or Banque Westpac. Thus, tourists may be quiet about changing money or things of value storage, even if the crimes are almost non-existent.

Access to the island can be done with one of the four daily flights from Tahiti Faaa airport (in a period of 45 minutes), to charter your boat or ferry (3 times per week). On the islands there are few taxis, but they are generally unused because the public transit system, Le Truck. This allows the rental of cars, bikes, canoes, motor boats or helicopters.

Lagoons around the island were formed by the gradual extinction of the volcano Mount Otemanu. Coral reefs around the island include "islands" with stunning beaches, fringed by palm trees. One of the main aspects that make the island a great beauty is the distance from the continents. Thus, congestion, pollution and other "components" of civilization are almost unknown. However, sunglasses with dark colored lenses, sunscreen with high UV protection index and pocket flashlight, are indispensable for tourists. During the day the colors are very bright and the nights are very dark, specific effect for the low islands.

The climate is tropical in Bora Bora, this means there are two seasons: winter and summer. From May to October, winter dry season, characterized by lack of rainfall, wind "Mara Amu", and temperatures between 24 and 28 degree Celsius. It is also suitable holiday season, but also the period when prices explode. From November to April is "running" the rainy season: summer. It is characterized by frequent rains, the short duration wind "Toerau" and temperatures between 27-30 C. The prices are more affordable during this period, considered by many as pleasant as the winter.

In July the Heiva I Tahiti celebrations take place, like Carnival in Rio. Tourists passionate about scuba diving take by storm the islands, as visibility in the water becomes perfect. This is the busiest time of year. The most prominent hotels in Bora Bora are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, mini bar, radio, CD/DVD player, hair dryer, safe-deposit box, private terrace, restaurant, bar, pool, room service, spa, water sports, tours, chapel for weddings, games room, tennis, golf, volleyball, Jacuzzi, Internet, space for children, jet skiing, conference rooms and many other specific features of 5 stars hotels.

Among the most famous hotels, are included:
- Le Meridien - located on the island of Motu Piti, in a beautiful lagoon
- Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso - located on Motu Piti AAU atoll, near the barrier reef.
- St. Regis - characterized by luxury and elegance typical Pacific.
- Sofitel Bora Bora Beach - built in 1977 to house the crew of the movie Hurricane, which was part and actress Mia Farrow.
- Pearl Beach Resort - located on the island Motu.
- Tevairoa is like 10 minutes from the airport of Bora Bora.