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Sydney attractions

Sydney, Australia, Great green place with the city skyline behind

Sydney is the oldest, largest and most populous city of Australia. Sydney is a major international travel destination. Its location on the ocean with a beautiful harbor and a great climate attracts people from all over the world to Sydney. Sydney is best known for its beaches and for the two symbols of Australia the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The Opera House is visited annually by millions of people. When you travel to Australia a visit to the Opera House certainly is a must. The Opera House in Australia was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who won an international competition being held. Ultimately, the project cost 102 million U.S. dollars. The opera house, concert hall and theater have a joint capacity of about 4700 seats. Also includes the Opera House restaurants and bars.

In Benne Long Restaurant in the Sydney Opera House you can dine, with a magnificent view of Sydney Harbour. If you're planning a show in the Concert Hall with 2500 seats to attend, you are wise to do an early booking to the show. Another possibility is to follow a guided tour. An experienced guide will tell you all about this impressive building and gives you a peek behind the scenes.

This beautiful park is located near the Sydney Opera House. Any visit to the Opera House is easily combined with a visit to the botanical gardens. Royal Botanic Gardens consist of several gardens, including the Sydney Tropical Centre, the Herb Garden and the Palm Grove. These gardens were founded in 1816 and home to many subtropical (indigenous and exotic) trees and many ferns and orchids. You can imagine the Royal Botanic Gardens as an oasis of calm, while in the midst of one million city.
You can, like many Australians on the weekends, picnic or lazing in the sun. But you can take a stroll and enjoy the magnificent views.

This steel bridge along with the Opera House is the symbols of Sydney. From Ms. Macquaries Chair, you have a wonderful view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The bridge was built to the north of the city more accessible and was also a job creation project during the economic crisis of early 1930. The Harbour Bridge has a length of 500 meters and is made of 60,000 tons of steel.
It's definitely recommended to make a long three hours to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the symbols of Australia. You will be securely anchored and then climb with an experienced guide but a height of 130 meters. From there you have a spectacular view over the Sydney Harbour.

Bondi Beach is a famous beach in Sydney, and is known for the Australian beach and surf culture here is so clearly present. This beach is only about 1 km wide, but attracts many visitors. Of course, abound in Bondi Beach are many restaurants. It is highly recommended a visit to the beach lined with tall pine trees from the fashionable resort of Manly in the north of Sydney.

Government House since 1845 was the official residence of the Governor of New South Wales, and is located near the Opera House. When you travel in Australia, a visit to Government House one day well be combined with a visit to the Opera House, Botanical Gardens and the Harbour Bridge.
On the ground floor are the dining room, lounge and ballroom. These include a unique collection of 19th and 20th century furniture and decoration reflecting the changing styles and tastes of the Australian presidents and their wives. The first floor consists of apartments that were used by the governor, members of the Royal Family who came to visit and the other heads of state. The rooms above the ground floor, including bedrooms, are not open to the public.