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Travel Europe Romania Limpedea Columns - a little known natural monument

Limpedea Columns - a little known natural monument

Natural Reserve Holiday, Limpedea Columns, Baia Mare, Romania, Front view

Not many are those who have heard of the natural reserve Limpedea columns in Baia Mare, although it is one of the most beautiful natural monuments in Romania.

The columns were formed naturally, without human intervention and organs are similar to a huge stone. Wall of volcanic rock about 100 meters high, consists of hundreds of stone columns, rectangular. The columns have a height of 15 meters and circumference exceeds one meter.

Clear zone was declared protected area since 2000 and is in the north of Baia Mare. The reserve covers an area of 3 hectares at an altitude of 300 meters.

The columns were clear career andesite search today by mountaineers, organized with high difficulty routes.

Natural Reserve, columns Limpedea remains an interesting tourist attraction of Baia Mare.

In the Reserve are other tourist attractions such as churches, historic monuments, protected areas, natural areas including the historical center, the Assumption Cathedral, the Tower Stefan Dumitru Taul or nature reserve.