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Travel Europe Romania 5 wild romantic beaches in Romania and how to reach them

5 wild romantic beaches in Romania and how to reach them

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If you are one of the people who do not like the crowd and who want to enjoy the peace of the sea without being disturbed by other tourists, here are 5 wild beaches in Romania that you should try.

1. Gura Portitei beach

The beach is located in a fishing village that is part of the Danube Delta reservation. Although it is only 4 km long, Gura Portitei Beach impresses with the very fine sand and clear water that will make those who come here come back whenever they have the opportunity. From Bucharest, you can easily reach Gura Portitei. Whether you are traveling by train, coach or private car, you have to stop in the village of Jurilovca, Tulcea County, from where a boat will take you to the wonderful wild beach in the Danube Delta.

2. Corbu beach

If you are in the Mamaia resort and you want to escape from the agglomeration and agitation there, Corbu beach is the most convenient solution. Just take the car and go for 10 minutes to Navodari, where you will find an indicator that will show you the road.

3. Gostinu beach

For those who want to go to the beach but do not have time for the sea, Gostinu beach is the ideal place. Situated in Giurgiu County, just 30 kilometers from the capital, the beach is very clean and intimate. Moreover, it is bordered by a forest where you can keep away from the sun's rays. If you leave Bucharest, go to Giurgiu and follow signs to Oinacu county, Gostinu village.

4. Wild beach in Sulina

Clean water and fine sand on the beach of Sulina will make you stop thinking when you think about holidays in the future. To reach this oasis of peace you have to go to Tulcea, and from there a ship will take you to the destination.

5. Wild Beach Vadu

When you think about a beach in Constanta, you most likely come to mind the crowded beaches and the thousands of tourists who spend. 15 kilometers from Navodari, however, you will discover a special place. The Vadu beach is part of the Danube Delta Reserve and offers you the opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the famous resorts of Constanta. To get there you have to go to Navodari, follow the signs to Corbu, and at the exit of this village turn right to Vadu.