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Travel Europe Greece Zakynthos - The secret paradise of Greece

Zakynthos - The secret paradise of Greece

Secret Paradise, Zakynthos, Greece, Sunset

Despite all the political controversies, Greece is still in top choices of tourists. Mediterranean climate, wild landscapes, tranquil bays, pristine beaches and last but not least affordable prices make the perfect holiday destination Greek islands.

One of the advantages of this option is the beautiful weather that never leaves the Greek lands late autumn. So September might be the ideal time for vacation success and much cheaper.

If you have not yet gone on a trip or just want to try something new, read below some information about the island of Zakynthos, one of the top destinations of Greece.

Certainly, you'll be so excited about tourist attractions here that you study more carefully offers travel agencies or, why not, you will venture into a holiday on your own.

1. Navagio Beach

Surely you've seen so far postcards or photos of famous Navagio beach with white pebbles, turquoise water, and the wreck hundred years old, with which tourists photograph each time.

Legends mystery still surrounds the true story of this ship. Some say that the ship belonged to smugglers and Italian mafia, failing after a chase by Greek Coast Guard ships, but there are variations according to which the ship would not be just a marketing strategy, Greek Tourism Minister himself '80s bringing here ship to attract tourists.

2. Cruise the Blue Caves

Travel agencies include in their offers and cruise around the island of Zakynthos, which includes both visiting cruise Navagio Beach, and the Blue Caves.

Hidden dream wild landscapes, changing color patches of the Ionian Sea, bathing in the clear water of the Blue Caves, all make this cruise an unforgettable experience.

3. Cameo Island

An island near the resort of Laganas, Cameo Island seems detached from a tab story.

Over time, Cameo Island turned into a sort of island club, where you dine, you can sunbathe or you can spend a quiet afternoon.

4. Little turtles from Caretta-Caretta

Zakynthos symbol is the little turtles. Tourist need not to miss Kalamaki beach where Caretta-Caretta frogs lay their eggs.

5. Tour the island by car or coach

Besides cruise, island tour will reveal any other beauties stretch of land. Visit the oldest olive tree on the island (over 1,500 years) Zakythnos traditional villages, olive oil factory, a local winery or walk on the beach Navagio, but the above are all goals that do not have to miss.

Zakynthos hide and still other attractions. A week is not enough to visit the nearby island of Kefalonia, one in which you examine the underground caves like Drogarati and Melisani, you walk down the narrow streets of the island capital, Zante Town, or you get in Keri, a place where, they say you admire the most beautiful sunset.

If you believe that should be your next destination Zakynthos holiday, why not, even for this fall, here are some tips you should keep in mind in your journey:

- If you go with friends, the best option would be renting a car in Zakynthos, in order to achieve as many goals. Otherwise, no means of transportation between the state and capital, it is to respect minibuses program.

- In addition to spectacular beaches of Porto Vromi, Kalamaky, Agios Sostis or Limnionas, and other beaches of other resorts are clean, fine sand, and for a sunbed just need to do consummation.

- You should not miss traditional Greek dishes, especially a dish costing up to 10 euros. Kleftiko (baked lamb with herbs, lemon and wine), Stifado (a kind of stew beef), Pastisada (pasta with meat and all kinds of Greek spices), Gyros and Moussaka, will delight all your senses.