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The Parthenon

Grecee, Europe, The Parthenon illuminated at night

Without plans and drawings, 1,000 workers led by a sculptor and two architects have built a building worthy of being called a wonder of the world. The construction is based on the rules of geometry, and the "Golden Cut" was associated with correction of optical illusions. Thus, although the columns seem right, they are inclined inwards. If it were extended frontal and dorsal columns would meet at 4800 meters. The sides are also more likely, they would meet at 2400 meters. They also become thinner towards the top and are thickened from third base to eliminate the optical effect of thinning in the middle. To mitigate the illusion of immersion, the verticals are in the center with 11 centimetres higher than the extremities. The construction of this monument did not use any cement or mortar, but only blocks of marble mixed with iron cramps. Marble was so well polished, the joints that distance is 0.05 milimetres.. Statue of Athena, located in the vault was 11 metres tall and was made of gold and ivory. Athens armor would today be worth £ 8,000,000.