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Tavernas in Thassos

Tavernas in Thassos, Theologos, Greece, Iatroy Tavern, Greek salad

Stratos Taverna (Limenas) - is an uncluttered location with cheap food, very tasty, very large portions. Another plus is the location of this tavern: by the sea, near the beach.

Thassian Tavern (Limenas) - is a family business that offers very tasty food.

Zorbas Taverna (Limenas) - is located in the bazaar. Here you can find the most delicious food, but also the most expensive.

Akrogiali Tavern (Potos) - is a location with welcoming atmosphere, the authentic Greek taverna. It provides delicious dishes of fish, seafood, chicken or pork.

Irene Tavern (Potos) - is a renowned location, for this reason is crowded. The food is very good, large portions, plentiful. The staff is helpful and welcoming.

Syropoulos Tavern (Prinos) - is located in a mountain area full of greenery. Taverna is a family business, and the host is very welcoming. The portions are very large, the food is tasty and the prices are reasonable.

Korali Restaurant (Skala Potamia) - is a recommended location for you, for those who have visited. The food is good and the atmosphere is great. The staff is attentive, kind and benevolent. Prices are decent and the place is very clean.

Krambousa - tavern is a larger one and better arranged. The food is good, but prices are high compared with other locations.

Nautilus (Skala Potamia) - is a family business, as in many other Greek places. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is helpful and prices are decent.

Iatroy (Theologos) - is a large tavern with terrace to the mountains. The staff is friendly and helpful, food is appetizing and orchestra maintains the special atmosphere.

Stelios (Theologos) - the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. In the background you can hear Greek music. The staff is welcoming and friendly. The food is fresh, very tasty, large portions and reasonable prices.