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Nosce te ipsum - Delphi

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Delphi is a city of ancient Greece who was best known because of the oracle and the temple of Apollo who were here. Delphi is widely described in ancient texts, so we know a lot about the sanctuary. The location will not only be mentioned by poets, but also by more historiographical sources such as Pausanias, Plutarch and Pliny the Elder. Furthermore, based on excavations also we learned more.

Delphi is one of the hills near the famous Mount Parnassus. According to the myth, this site was determined by the god Zeus as being the center of the earth, apart from two birds fly. When this came together in Delphi was determined that the center, or the navel (omphalos) of the earth.

The oracle of Apollo in ancient times the main reason to visit Delphi, by which people from all over the Greek Empire, ranging from kings to commoners. Housed in the oracle the Pythia, were being able to give oracular answers to important questions, about whether or not starting a war. In some stories Delphi twice by shifting soil saved from destruction by Persians and Gauls.

Archaeological excavations have shown that, around 1600 BC., Once a Mycenaean cult center was in Delphi, but it is unclear how long the center has existed and it was meant for the deity. In the eighth century BC Phytische came as the cult of Apollo and not long afterward, when priests from Knossos, the cult of Apollo Delphinios (dolphin) to the mainland had brought the name of the area changed to Delphi. The sanctuary flourished around the seventh century BC, especially as the important advisory role of the oracle. There were more buildings at the shrine was built, bringing the numbers of visitors and thus greatly increased wealth. Finally, Delphi was known throughout the Greek empire.

At the foot of the hill on which Delphi lie, the archaeological museum where excavations can be found and where among others is the famous bronze statue of the Charioteer. When the winding route to the upper stadium with track follows, one passes several treasuries and the famous Temple of Apollo. The ancient temple of Apollo, dated from the eighth century BC, but was rebuilt in 548 BC after the former temple was destroyed by fire. In the rebuilding of the sanctuary, the area was increased with funds from around the Mediterranean world. In 373 BC was an earthquake, even if this temple was destroyed, once again the rebuilding was financed by international donations.

There are several wars for control of Delphi. After the Romans in 189 BC power had been, went downhill with Delphi. The famous Roman general Sulla in 86 BC, the location was looted and the Emperor Nero in 51 AD more than five hundred bronze statues was taken away from Delphi. The emperor Hadrian and later emperors Tunisian Antoni tried to restore the original glory of the sanctuary, but the wealth and power of the oracle were only further decline. The lowest point was reached while the edict of Theodosius from around 390 AD, with Christianity the state religion was elevated and the oracle of Delphi's lost interest.