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Travel Europe Greece Holidays in Athens - Cradle of Democracy

Holidays in Athens - Cradle of Democracy

Athens, Greece, Temple of Hephaestus

Athens today is a very important European city full of life, where history meets modernity and comfort. Acropolis is one of the most important sights in the world and renowned Greek hospitality with the Athens nightlife, pleasant climate; great cuisine, culture and history are part of the many attractions that Athens has to offer tourists. Athens is a unique opportunity for those visiting the cradle of the concept of democracy and an experience that you will not forget.

If you plan to visit Athens one day, do not even bother because it does not worth it. It takes some more time to discover the splendor of Athens. And certainly those who choose a holiday in Athens a little longer will not regret it.

Athens (Athina) is named after the goddess of wisdom who, according to legend won the patronage of the city after defeating Poseidon in a duel.

Modern Athens was born in 1834, when the city became the capital of a new and independent Greece. After World War II, American money funded an extensive program of expansion and industrialization of Athens. The rapid development of high temperatures after the war and Mediterranean climate, have created a city that often times can be polluted.

Congested traffic creates bottlenecks in the streets and an air full of pollutants, although great efforts are made to solve these problems. Over three million tourists annually come to town but most of them can visit the sights as quickly as if they perform a cultural duty before heading rush towards hedonism Greek islands. Clearly, those doing so, fail because they lose so many aspects of Athens has to offer and that it provided more time to discover. Athens rewards those who want it know more closely. Besides the classic well-known tourist attractions, the city offers Byzantine monuments, medieval from the 19th century, one of the best museums in the world and surprising natural beauty. Despite the traffic, a special air of Mediterranean village becomes evident in cafes, taverns, markets and the maze of streets around the old town (Plaka).

But above all, Athens has the best restaurants, a varied nightlife famous throughout the country and remains a major European cultural center.

In Athens there are a number of important projects of modernization, some already implemented. These include the new international airport has already been opened, Eleftherios Venizelos. Extension of the subway, the construction of new sports facilities and improvement of accommodation capacities are other projects of the city. In addition, ancient sights within the city are connected by a transmission line designed to improve the urban experience free for locals and tourists alike. Athens is a tourist paradise if you take the time to see it in detail.