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Travel Europe Greece Heraklion - The Capital of the Island of Zeus

Heraklion - The Capital of the Island of Zeus

Heraklion, Greece, Ikaros beach luxury resort and spa

Crete is the largest island of Greece and Heraklion is recognized as the largest city of the island, which earned the title of the capital. A holiday in this city is not just beach and bathing in the great Greek, but a portion of history that you can find only visiting it.

Heraklion City, also called Iraklion is the largest city in Crete, being its capital. City bears the imprint of different civilizations and cultures that have succeeded on the island, which affected the city directly, because of the importance that it has on the island.

Heraklion is one of the oldest cities on the island, located next to the ruins of Knossos palace, dating from 2000 BC. But the town itself was officially founded in 824 AD by a population that was expelled by the leadership of the Byzantine Empire. Its members have strengthened the port location to help pirates circulating around, so in the history of the city there are some episodes related to pirates.
But history of the city bears also the fingerprints of two major nations of the years 1200 - 1800: the Venetian and the Ottoman. They changed the structure and construction of the city and its defense issues. There have been built defensive walls, fortifications, and houses and villas with Venetian and Ottoman influences. Churches became mosques in time, but there were some who resisted over time.

The city has beautiful buildings with impressive architecture, which bears the imprint of different influences that have existed on the island over time. There are also streets and streets with pedestrian access rather, you can browse for images you enjoy building and the people who live them. The most beautiful street of the city is considered to be street August, which is called Illusions Street.

Open markets are organized in different days of the week and craftsmen shops in the area. Go to the street Korai, known as "neighborhood coffee", but also to the city churches: Cathedral of Saint Mina, Saint Titus Church, Dominican Church Saints Peter and Paul, etc.
If you reached this city, you should not miss the port, Venetian fortresses and road which follows the coast. And if you want to make a trip organized in local history, go to the city museums: Museum of Natural History, Museum of Archaeology, History Museum, and the Museum Battle of Crete.
Do not forget fountains dating from the Venetian period of the island. They are located downtown and its main markets and are true works of art that have been preserved.

Do you want to experience Greek culture? In summer you can attend the city's Arts Festival, held every year from June to September. Do not bypass any experience visits to archaeological sites in the city - you'll find here traces of civilizations that have passed through these places over time.
Are you passionate about riding horses? You have not yet tried to get in their saddle? You can do it in Heraklion. At Ippikos Omilos Hrakliou, Karteros the beach, located approximately six kilometers from downtown, riding lessons take place for fans of the sport. These lessons are dedicated to both adults and children.
Tempts you climbing? During vacation in Heraklion you have the opportunity to practice your hobby at rock Karteros, where there is a special camp for climbers. If you do not have equipment for climbing, you can rent at the center here, and if you come from home with it, you will be allowed to use it.

Should not be forgotten however the main attractions of Heraklion which are the beach and sea. The beach town has a length of about three kilometers of fine sand and is called Amoudara. The beach area there is many cafes, bars, hotels, cinemas and theaters outside. Also near the beach are some water-park type complexes, where there are multiple possibilities for aquatic fun.

And if you want to go shopping, you should know that the city has several commercial areas: central Talos, streets downtown and beach area. Try traditional dishes in restaurants in Heraklion Cretan, where you can eat foods that are based mainly fish and seafood. And to accompany the meal, choose a local wine because the vineyards on the island of Crete are known for quality wines they produce.

In Heraklion climate is temperate, with mild winters and hot summers. Average temperatures in summer are around 27-30 degrees, with maximum up to 40 degrees. These are however bearable due to sea breezes.
Sea water has an average temperature of 25-27 degrees, with peak in July and August. Water is suitable for swimming and water sports; its depth is not too high. On the beach you can rent your lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. But there are places on the beach for tourists sheets that do not want to rent the lounge chair.