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Travel Europe Greece Discovering Thassos - Part II

Discovering Thassos - Part II

Discover Thassos II, Limenas, Greece, Antic Theatre 01

Limenas - the new capital

Limenas today, is built over the ruins of the ancient city, founded here by colonists from Paros. The city is located in a large bay, bordered by green hills, offering tourists the possibility of romantic walks, and relaxing walks, both on city streets as well as surrounding hills. On a clear day you can see the beautiful port city amphitheater, Kavala.

Archaeological Museum is located in a neoclassical building from 1934. Here are located very valuable exhibits, dating from the seventh century BC until the seventh century AC. In fact the museum is one of the most valuable in Greece. Among the exhibits are tools used by ancient Greeks, remains of walls, columns, tombstones, statues and fragments of statues of Greek gods or Roman commanders since the days of their occupation, amphorae, clay objects, gold and silver coins and more. In the garden of the museum can be seen ancient statues, depicting animals.

The city itself is an outdoor museum, is studded vestiges of the ancient world, such as the ancient theater, the Acropolis, the Agora, the ancient city wall that surrounds the sanctuary of Poseidon, which is right next port, and sanctuary of Dionysus.

Agora is, the cultural center, state and commercial, the ancient city Limenas. Here are preserved remnants of the old market including columns, arches, gates that connect with the city. You can even see traces of the sewer system. Access to archaeological site is free.
Old theater is very well preserved. Here takes place especially in summer, various festivals and folk music, outdoor concerts, and performances of Greek tragedies. The Romans built here an arena where contests between gladiators took place. The view from here on the island is gorgeous, and the road is not hard.

Acropolis, above the city can be visited by following the trail of the ancient theater. Here are excerpts from the temple of Apollo, temple of Athena, protector of the ancient city of Thassos, and the altar of the god Pan, protector of flocks and shepherds.

Vatopediou Monastery is a symbol of the city Limenas, dating from the nineteenth century. It is actually a simple church, painted in shades of white and blue sea, and found hanging on a cliff near the water. The trail climbs up the hill here and a beautiful cool pine forest, so the road can go during the day, when the heat, get drive away from the beach.
St. Nicholas Church is the oldest church on the island, built in 835, from ruins of a temple.

Limenas is administrative and commercial center of the island. Besides the commercial port city has a tourist harbor, where you can rent boats and ships that can reach all places, inaccessible by land. The modern city of today has many souvenir shops, where you can satisfy all your friends with memories, and why not that is useful, markets, supermarkets, elegant jewelry, with all kinds of spices, sweets, and traditional products. Taverns compete in tenders which, by the most tempting, knowing that here on Thassos, the cuisine is exceptional. They are only competing cafes, bars, where you can enjoy a drink or a delicious cake baked from the city.