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Travel Europe Greece Discovering Thassos - Part I

Discovering Thassos - Part I

Discover Thassos I, Theologos, Greece, Folks Museum

Thassos is great but for those who want to relax and enjoy the picturesque landscape is a small island green, soft and welcoming. No pictures, no travel reviews, cannot prepare enough for so much beauty. You can laze on a lounger under an olive tree, you can stretch to the sun on sand or you can visit places full of history.

Theologos - the old capital

Theologos is situated about 10 km from Potos on interior of the island, and is the former capital of Thassos. The atmosphere is really medieval. The buildings are old, from the early nineteenth century. Pretty narrow streets that barely get two cars though come to confirm that the site has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

The first attestations of the village are recorded in 1287 and 1384. At that time the village was only a community of monks. Then the island was conquered by Turks, ceded to Egypt, systematically attacked by pirates. In 1902 the population revolted against Egypt, which they took out all right, and go back under Turkish authority, and in 1912 the island is released and given back to Greece.

Monastery of the Archangel Michael was a place of pilgrimage and worship of the villagers, who usually keeps a fact today. Among the relics of the monastery is also one of the nails used in crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Every year after Easter, Holy Nail is taken on a religious procession. The nuns of the convent are very welcoming to visitors, with the condition that they be dressed appropriately: long pants for men, women with long skirts and blouses that cover the shoulders.

St. Paraskeva Church was built in 1842 and was parish church. At that time village has 2,200 inhabitants, more than any other city on the island, and the church was built to receive his believers.

Folklore Museum is located in a house on two levels. We find here an exhibition of lace and braids, with workshop loom, wool debugger, forks, and baskets for hand work. Upstairs is the bedroom, with bed, wardrobe, blankets and linen, policies with dishwasher, oven and table and chairs. Also upstairs is the reception room with coffee table and jar of jam, two large benches for leisure guests and fireplace above which is to be found, gun owner. In the yard are agricultural tools and household goods: wine-press, oil press, centrifuge for honey, butter and even barrel "ancestor" washing machine, vortex driven by water power, and forks, spades, shovels, nails and horse nails.
In Theologos there are two types of mills: flour mill and oil mill, driven by the force of water brought by aqueducts. But there are three mills extracting beeswax for making candles.