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Travel Europe Greece Beautiful beaches of Thassos - Part II

Beautiful beaches of Thassos - Part II

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PARADISE BEACH - is the most beautiful beach on the island. Is smaller than the beach at Golden Beach, but is as populated as the water is clear. The road is almost impossible to travel by car. It is a beach, a little wild, and less populated because it is more difficult to reach. The sand is the most finest, the water deepens very slowly so you can make hundreds of meters offshore, without much danger. Very close out at sea, you can see the island Kinira. Paradise Beach is one of the few beaches where the wind conditions are forming waves, white sand, clean water and low water depth making it unique.
PEFKARI - on the beach in Pefkari, between Potos and Limenaria, you can rent boats.

BEACH WITH NATURAL SPRING - is a beach, hidden among the olive trees, 200 meters long deserted sandy beaches and a natural cold water spring (spring Agia Vasiliki). It is accessible only by car. If the sand on the beach is fine, into the water are rocks. This beach is situated in the south, near the Monastery of Archangel Michael. Spring is located just above the beach, three meters high, and water drops on a piece of rock, and then on the sand.

Potosi - is the lively resort of Thassos, there are clubs on the seafront, where music is at maximum until 2-3 in the morning. The beach is great, very clean, without stones, the water deepens gradually. From Potos, right in front you can see Mount Athos.
Worth mentioning: Michalis Piatsa tavern, Castle of Potos, Terrace Laskarinas, Taverna San Antonio, Terrace Garden, Terrace Irene.

PSILI AMMOS - is a fine sandy beach, small and intimate, without stones into the water, the water is very clear, and more offshore are quite large fishes. The beach is located near the village of Astris 5 km from Potos. Entry in the water is steeper; at 4-5 m from shore the water is deep already.

SALONIKIOS Beach - is located by Astris, right, on a winding road and abruptly, leading to a sandy bay, where cars are parked on a quite steep slope. Pins descend to the beach.

SKAL KALLIRACHI - is a long beach with clear waters and fishing piers built over water.

SKAL MARIES - are three beaches, with white sand, calm and shallow waters.

SKALA PANAGIA - has a wide range, but many portions of algae. The sand is more yellow and a little smoother than in Skala Potamia.
Worth mentioning: The Rocks of Panagia and traditional olive oil factory. 15 minutes from the village of Panagia, found Dragon Cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

SKALA POTAMIA - sandy beach, clear water, and sea bed has a low slope, water depth increases slowly as you move farther away from shore.
Worth mentioning: Museum Vaghis, Coralli and Krambousa taverns located right on the seafront and the center is Los Platanos taverna.

SKALA PRINOS - here every Monday there is a fair country. This city is the second ferry port of Thassos. Skala Prinos has several long sandy beaches with shallow water. Water is clean and big fish in a clear day you can see the continent. Like most towns on the west coast of the island, Skala Prinos is privileged with spectacular sunsets, particularly during the summer season.
Worth mentioning: Papangelos Tavern, Tavern Larousse.

SKALA RACHONI - long and sandy beaches stretching along the coast in shallow water and crystal, very calm and perfect for young children. Rachoni Skala is a calm and picturesque coastal town of Thassos. On leaving the village is a huge supermarket across 2 floors.

SKALA SOTIROS - is a beach with shallow waters and fine sand, ideal for children. Worth mentioning: Monastery of Saint Pantilimon and grotto inside the monastery, the central square fountain built in 1888, the archaeological site.

THEOLOGIA - Worth mentioning: Tavern Stelios, Folk Museum.

TRYPITI - long beach, picturesque, here is no sand, pebbles are fine, even in water, which is pretty deep right from shore. Water is very clear, blue infinity. There are little waves, situated in a bay. In water, are rocks, and sea urchins.