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Travel Europe Greece Beautiful beaches of Thassos - Part I

Beautiful beaches of Thassos - Part I

Beaches of Thassos, Tassos, Greece, Golden Beach 02

Beach sand is mixed with large stones and water is some large stones, so it's recommended to use in water, bathing special shoes. Water deepens quite abruptly; in exchange underwater scenery is amazing. You can make spectacular diving, with a pair of diving goggles and a breathing tube. Bay of Agios Ioannis is full of fish, urchins and sea stars and many other marine creatures.

Is a submerged area of a former marble quarry with very clear water of a beautiful turquoise. It is a huge aquarium with white marble walls carved by the ancient Greeks and earthquakes over the centuries. The beach, located in the bay opposite is almost deserted, but stony.
Objectives noted:
- Monastery of Archangel Michael
- Marble quarry
- The Aliki basilicas
- The archaeological site
- sanctuary
- Caves of worship.

ASTRIS is an organized beach with golden sand.

It is like a natural pool carved into the rock small waves. Form pool is a little oval, and big diameter is not more than 10 meters and water depth is between 4 and 8 meters. Pool water is very hot because the sun all day long, and not communicate with sea water, but waves bring a splash of cold water. On the bottom of the pool can see many boulders and rocks but it's hard to get to the deep water. The water is greenish. The pool is full of sea urchins, stick to any area covered by water.

GLYFADA - is a beach with white sand and pine trees.

GLYKADI - is a bay with golden sand and shallow waters.

GOLDEN BEACH - is an area located in the northern Gulf Potamia. The sand is very soft, beach is huge in length, is without stones into the water, the water is shallow, the distance is about 50 meters wide, to get water to 2 meters deep, clear water is full of schools of fish small to medium sizes.

KASTRO - is deserted village, from mountain top. It is a trip for those excited by off-road, ideally with an ATV. It is a hamlet, hundred years old, now abandoned. He left one resident, Kostas Kir, together with his family. In the village is Saint Athanasius Church, built in 1804, in which chapel are preserved the bones of the dead.

KEKES BEACH - a small beach which generously fit a few pairs, guarded on both sides of cliffs, rounded, and there they were mounted swimming ladder.

Off the coast, is the island Kinira on shore is a long beach along the village, made up of flat rock and sand mostly. You can reach swimming to the island Kinira.

LIMENARIA - beach, is full of rocks but the water is clean.

LIMENAS THASSOS - are two beaches, a tiny one in western town, but unsustainable, and sea urchins occupied, and a larger one, near the old port, with sand and clear water.
Objectives noted:
- Tavern Thassian
- Tavern Doukas
- Los Platanos Taverna in port
- Monastery Vatopediou - Kalogeriko
- St. Nicholas Church

From Limenas are organized excursions by boat.

MAKRYAMMOS - is a private beach, where entry fee is paid. At the edge of the beach is the place where you can spread your towel without any problem. There is a mini zoo with deer and peacocks.

MARBLE BEACH - is located on the road to Makryamos. Here the water is clear, with a perfect color because of the marble pebbles from the water bed. Because salinity, people can float freely. Water input slope is steep; the water depth is greater at a distance of about 5 meters from the beach. On the beach edge, are 3-4 meters high cliffs, a great place to jump into water that reaches 2-3 meters deep.

METALLIA - Metallia beach is located between Limenaria and Pefkari, in front of Palataki. From port Limenaria can see a tall building, the former metal foundry in the world war. On the basis of the hill is the beach. When you descend on the road that goes to the beach Metallia, after exiting the main road passing, you will pass near the horoscope which is up near the main road. The entrance into the water is on some flat stones.

NISTERI - is a beach surrounded by vegetation, clear and calm waters.

PACHIS - is a relatively crowded beach, organized, crystal clear water.