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Travel Europe Greece Beaches in Corfu - Part two

Beaches in Corfu - Part two

Beaches in Corfu, Corfu, Greece, Ermones crystal clear waters


Located in the west at 26 km from the capital city and is the most famous resort island of Corfu. Is considered to be a "pearl of the island" and it is usually preferred by English. Paleokastrita beach was awarded the Blue Flag as well.
There are six bays, very beautiful, but there are other narrow strips of beach, which lead to other smaller bays. The place is famous for snorkeling. Beaches, although not very large, are sand and gravel. Water color is very beautiful, in shades of green from the forests and olive groves, cypress, lemon and pine trees that surround these magnificent bays. The problem is that this beautiful emerald water appears to be the coldest of the island.
Besides those small beach coves, you may be at the beach and the cliffs that surround the resort. If you want to admire the coast from a different angle, different boats can be rented. There are many parking places free of charge. It is a place where nature stirs you.

It is a resort-town, quite small, thrown down a mountain. Ermones Beach is located right on the mountain. The beach is rocky.
From Ermones up are few virgin beaches that are not listed on the chart as they can be reached only by sea. If however you are tempted to get out there believe that a variant would be a boat trip from pontoons in Paleokastritsa, where there are many trips like this, with groups of tourists.


It is located in the west, 26 km from Corfu-Town. In general, Glyfada beach is preferred by many young people and water sports enthusiasts. Parking cost 2 Euros and finding a place is very difficult.
The beach is situated at the foot of Pelekas village and resort consists almost only of what was built around the beach, that several hotels and boarding houses, taverns and bars.
Beach was awarded "Blue Flag" has fine sand, disabled facility, beach chairs, umbrellas, garbage cans and you can practice water skiing, canoeing, jet skiing and wind-surfing. A good beach, but very crowded, even though it is very long and wide. It is surrounded by hills with olive and pine trees. At their feet is rich vegetation, many cacti and Youki.
Otherwise, is an endless stretch of sandy beach, which are dipped into the sea. There was no breeze.


It is located west of the island, just 17 km from Kerkira, Corfu's capital. Is a typical Greek village, the favorite German Emperor, Wilhelm II it lays at the basis of olive groves, oleanders and tall cacti.
The beach ends are wild coves with fine sand. On the right are some enormous rocks, mostly east, where the brave are jumping into the water. A few boats that wait there for those who want to walk by. Also in the right end of the beach you can see one of the most rustic café bars in Greece, where he sold cold drinks and ice cream.
Here and there, at the edge of the beach you can see some palm trees. Beach cleaning is complete, there are many trash on the beach. There are showers and toilets.
The water is lovely and warm but the air is unbreathable, no trace of breeze, especially in sultry days of July.

Agios Gordios

It is situated in the west of the island, in a beautiful cove. It is a small resort but has a large beach with fine sand, gravel and gold and all necessary equipment with warm water and clear.
The beach of Agios Gordios is easy to recognize and identify it primarily for its huge and sharp rock that rises from the water, called "Ortholithos". Beach ends seem most romantic places, if we judge by couples in love who were heading in there, at twilight. On the beach there are several taverns and bars. The resort is preferred by of tourists and young people come here from Canada and America.