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Travel Europe Greece Beaches in Corfu - Part three

Beaches in Corfu - Part three

Beaches in Corfu, Corfu, Greece, Chalikounas shells

Chalikounas - strip of sand between the lake Korission and the sea

The beach there has a super fine sand. Sea floor is perfectly flat and very fine sand. You can enter into the water about 30-40 feet and water you do not go over your head. It is also a large rock dropped out of nowhere there, close to shore. No man around for hundreds of meters in the area. Sometimes when the wind blows, there can be saw a unique spectacle, with surfers pulled on water kites. Tourists gather at the pavilions, but otherwise is almost deserted strip of beach. There are showers on the beach about every 2 km. You can rent beach beds and umbrellas, beach tables.


It is located on the southwest coast of the island, is extraordinary in every way. The beach is sandy and wide enough; water is warm and clean, is not deep but deepens gradually.
For water sports, here you can find almost everything you want. You can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas.


Is located at the southern end of the island, 40 km from Kerkira. It is the second largest port of the island. Location can be reached by ferry from Igumenitsa.
Around noon the village is completely empty. It is a plain area with olive groves, vineyards and vegetable gardens. It's a navigable river, which flows into the sea.
The place is good for families with children who love country life, the water is low and there are numerous shore shady places, where you can shelter from the sun at noon. It has many beaches, but is at 2-3 km north and northeast. There are sandy beaches and pebble beach’s and organized and isolated beaches, which usually can only go on foot.


Is a village hardly accessible. Somewhere near the village you have to drive down sharply among houses and get to the mini-resort Elli Beach. Right on the beach there is a small hotel about 2 star hotels with restaurant downstairs. Vegetation is abundant; the beach is very small, with gravel large as golf balls, which get hot. Seabed is abrupt. About 5 meters from the shore water already passes your head. In small golf of Liapades Beach you can practice water sports. In general, about 100 meters from the shore you can see moored yachts and small boats, some private, others hired on an hourly or daily basis.

Logas - Peroulades is near in the north-west, close by Cape Drastis.

Got to get a lot of concrete stairs, then another set of wooden stairs, it's easy at the way down, the harder is when to go up, there are many. Left and right stairs are two beaches whoever. There are not very large, but idyllic.
Beaches are located in bays carved by the sea in the huge limestone walls and are furnished with sun beds and umbrellas. From large pieces of rock is built a sort of dam, that sea not "steal" beach, which is quite narrow. Cannot get into the water everywhere you like. Near the dam of stone you can hurt by stones in water. It is not very crowded, is a quiet. Only nervous waves hitting rocks, in places that were beaches are not protected by stone parapets. The water is warm and the sand is fine, almost orange.