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Travel Europe Greece Beaches in Corfu - Part one

Beaches in Corfu - Part one

Beaches in Corfu, Corfu, Greece, Agios Georgios Pagi blue flag

Corfu is famous for its beautiful beaches, some on the mountain base, with fine sand and pebbles and very blue water with waves, such as those on the west coast. In the East water don’t have that blue color, is green and calm.

Most beaches are equipped with umbrellas, beach chairs and some facilities for disabled people. In some of them can practice water sports. In others there are showers and toilets. But do not think somehow fitting and facilities beaches rival those of Antalya. However, 30 of them are awarded "Blue Flag" as a European Recognition on quality of water, clean beaches and safety offered.
Compared with the other Ionian Islands visited, two things are not found on the beaches of Corfu: shells and nudists! On beaches of the Ionian Sea, island of Corfu is exceeded by the distance of "sister" to her south, island of Lefkada.
First and foremost, you need a good map and a car. And of course the mood for go! Maps which are distributed free by resorts are like crazy, many localities are not listed or are not fixed in place they should. A map bought at a newsstand, besides the fact that it is quality paper, is also correct.

Canal D'Amour

It is located in northwest of the island, on Sidari resort, 40 km from the capital city. And it until the '80s was just a fishing village, which then developed. The main attraction (and one of the most famous of the island and around the world) is the Canal D'Amour, located in the west of the resort of Sidari.
The beauty of this place consists of a of yellow color zone rocks, the sea has eroded, forming small bays and channels, predatory beauty. At this wonder of nature, man has contributed by several legends, which I add to the appeal and popularity. One says that whoever manages to swim through this channel, the channel will meet at the end of his pair. Another story, more known is that in which we learn that if you swim along with your loved one, the Love Canal, you will stay together for life.
You can sunbathe on rocks the yellow, but is also a small sandy beach, decorated with lounge chairs and umbrellas, where you can descend the stairs and has facilities for disabled people. Shore water is small, warm, but its color is a little unclear because of argillaceous rocks. You can practice different water sports.


It is located throughout the east, 12 km south of capital city. By the early '70s, this place was just a fishing village; hence the name of the beach, from a pirate would have arrived here, being attracted by the special beauty of this area. Then it turned into a tourist resort, appeared one by one a lot of accommodation, taverns, restaurants and cafes. There is a small harbor for yachts and fishing boats. From here you can rent canoes and water skiing.
There are several small beaches, all near the road. Beach near Corfu Maris hotel is beautifully decorated with colorful umbrellas and beach chairs and was awarded "Blue Flag". About all beaches are pebbly shore and in water. Parking is free everywhere on the beach.
The rest seems to be a quiet and relaxing. The food is good, but a little expensive to Nikos tavern, found in a commercial on the map of the island and was easy to find, being situated on the road. Note to noon when the sun is strong the possibility of a visit to Shell Museum in the village.

Agios Georgios-Pagi

Located in a beautiful cove northeast of the island, very deep, surrounded by rocks some 500 meter in height. Beach is right near the road. A great beach, but is not very wide and not very crowded, with large sand and pebbles. The water is clear and can be seen at the entrance a few pebbles. It has facilities for persons with disabilities and is awarded the Blue Flag.
Parking can be done at the road, so the beach for free. It's a good beach, everything, absolutely everything invite you to spend as much time here.


It is located on the east coast, north of Mesonghi and 20 km south of capital city. The beach is quite wide, with sun beds and umbrellas, covered with sand on mostly. Only the shore were a few pebbles, all sand in water, the water is deep on the shore, so very good beach for children. Along the beach there is a pedestrian alley that is run from taverns, bars and hotels located near the beach. People seem to have happy holidays in progress; the resort was very lively, inspiring liveliness and joy. There you can find 4-5 hotels with swimming pool right on the seashore.
Otherwise, Moraitika beach is a good place in which to relax day or night. At the Tavern on the beach a band is playing beautifully every night in different languages, up to midnight.