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Travel Europe Greece Athos without religious connotations

Athos without religious connotations

Kassandra, Greece, Sunrise over the peninsula

For many, Athos is a destination for religious tourism. But prior Mount Athos region is full of life. Stripped of its aura of pious the secular Athos are pulses effervescent and colorful. The tourists are lured with sweets and fruits and noisy beaches compete with the remote empty and intimate ones. Eye-catching plenty of shops and shopping enthusiasts and historic monuments of ancient knowledge drip drops of Greek culture.

While Kassandra is the soul of parties and nature lovers paradise Sithonia is, the third arm of the Halkidiki peninsula is often used as a destination for religious tourism. And even that is not for everyone. Only men are allowed to visit the monasteries on the Holy Mountain and only those of them who have a pass in this state within a state that is Athos. Women, who are forbidden entry to the mountain, are much less interested in this area as a destination for an entire sojourn. Apparently, apart from a cruise around Mount Athos and a visit to the ruins of the monastery where the only women allowed, not much you can do in the area. In reality, however, before the Mount Athos region is as tender as other travel plans two peninsulas. History enthusiasts can follow in the footsteps of Aristotle in Stageira and most athletes have the opportunity to make diving the island Ammouliani.

To the border with Athos independent state, the third arm of Halkidiki's, it waves the natural lines. It drew the seductive panorama of pine forests down to the crystal clear waters. Scattered here and there, they discover the treasures of archaeological sites and talk about other times, the history of an ancient people, philosophy and more.

In secular Athos, the tourist can make a stop at a Greek tavern, simple and hospitable, to taste sweets full of poetry as in "spoon sweets". The little dishes are made from fruits like kiwi and figs in sugar syrup. Another place is Bakatsianos a famous Greek tavern, located in Ayia Paraskevi forest. "Even the woods have names of saints here". Cannot tell if this name in any way influence the food, but the Bakatsianos part of some of the best dishes from all over Greece. Whether you choose vegetarian or meat-based, taste, texture, flavor, presentation, all are undeniable pleasures.

In secular Athos can get one of the most romantic and stylish Greek who, in an atmosphere that surrounds you from the first step. Although monastic life is by definition a modest tourists visiting Athos peninsula can enjoy an elegant stay in a hotel that has no way not to impress by good taste and quality. All of this can be found in the Eagles Palace Hotel, a 5-star hotel complex, one of the most luxurious of Halkidiki. Located 4 km from Ouranopolis, Eagles Palace is the kind of place that hardly goes, not only thanks to the services, but the atmosphere here. One of the most beautiful experiences you can have the evening at a live music concert. There are gardens, courtyards and terraces different on different heights, intimate and elegant.

Before the Mount Athos region is proud of the smallest inhabited island in the Aegean Ammouliani. Located between Ierissos and Ouranopolis, Ammouliani is famous for its beautiful beaches, natural bays and opportunities for water sports. Those who come here can enjoy the privacy diving beaches empty and have the opportunity to taste the local dishes based on seafood.
The north arm of Athos is Olympiada, a small village built along a sandy beach. Natural bay surrounded by green mountains, sandy beaches and proximity to Stageira Olympiada make an attractive holiday destination for foreign tourists.

The village has a few hotels, but they offer good conditions for a peaceful and relaxing sojourn. Fine sands and smooth entry into the sea are ideal for those who come here to spend vacation with your kids. Traditional seafood dishes and sweets with plum, trips to archaeological sites, and walks on the sea are some of the proposed activities.
Near Olympiada at a distance of about 500-700 meters, is the archaeological site of ancient Stageira. Located on a small mountainous peninsula, Liotopi, Stageira gained fame, being the birthplace of Aristotle. Excavations revealed the city's old fortifications, and portions of buildings, houses etc.

Local guides organizes trips for tourists in this area, the shortest lasted about an hour, while the longer routes involve a journey of several hours. It is recommended that those who come to this place to have water at them, Sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and hat. Except shady path through the woods, in the open places and dust, the sun is strong enough. Also do not forget the camera. The top view of the region is spectacular.
Besides the archaeological site also can be visited city Stagira (Stageira) located at the foot of Stratoniki. Park at the entrance of the village has a statue of Aristotle. Here can be visited various historical monuments.