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Vienna attractions

Vienna, Austria, State Opera at night

If you think of Vienna, you think quickly on the classic Viennese waltz, the majestic palace buildings and the famous empress "Sissi" Elisabeth, etched in our memory by Romy Schneider's cinematic incarnation. The capital of Austria is one of the most dreamy, classical and cultural cities. Typical Viennese delicacies come in many different sizes. So should you as a visitor to Vienna Semmel-sandwich, you can create a piece (chocolate) Sachtertorte that you will not forget, you run an afternoon with a Pretzel undoubtedly the street and if you still are not enough to have had the Viennese Neapolitaner (chocolate wafers) delicious.

But if your day at 'authentic' Viennese is your way to spend, your first stop is the Central Museum Quarter-lying. This is not only the center of town; here you will find most museums, all just a stone's throw from each other. Include the Natural History Museum: a PowerTip for anyone who likes nature, biology and history lovers. This museum is a huge museum and offers all organic creatures in stuffed form in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful building you've ever seen. The stunning historic buildings and beautiful realistic designs of animals you feel walking through an old-fashioned zoo. But the Museum Quarter is not called the Museum Quarter. Directly in front, beside and on the other side of the street here in the bulges of other cultural snacks. From ancient to modern painting, historical mummies and historical facts - here you can spend the day strolling through museums.

But Vienna has much more to offer than museums. There are many sights worth seeing from the outside already have. The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the Vienna Schönbrunn, Sissi keizrin where formerly lived himself. Schloss, therefore, provides an interesting audio tour that passes to all rooms of the castle. Definitely worth a look long and not boring! But the architectural masterpiece Hundertwasser Haus is worth a visit. The large cathedral in another central part of town, St. Stephen will surely encounter during a visit to Vienna. But for the less culturally appropriate visitor there is plenty to do and experience in the Austrian capital. You can enjoy shopping in an elegant area around St. Stephen's Cathedral, the evening meal in a cozy restaurant or a typical Viennese restaurant with a more international appeal (and kitchen).
Another special attraction - for young and old - is the Prater in Vienna. In this former imperial hunting ground is now a huge fairground (more the size of a theme park has been reached). The symbol of the Prater and Vienna in 1897 built the Ferris wheel that towers above all other buildings.

Tips for a visit to Vienna:
• Because Vienna is a big city, it is tempting to visit only the (tourist) central regions. What a shame, so pick one day on the chart and walk to a little-known district for a surprising experience.
• If you want to leave more than two feet can carry you, you take the U-and S-Bahn or tram. Cheap day tickets line up with the Viennese Train.
• In the summer it can get hot in the city. Cool off on the Danube. Travel with the U1 to the Danube Island, where you pay a few coins for a well maintained access badge area (including sunbathing and clean showers) and jump in the so fresh and clear Danube.
• A day at the zoo is an experience in Vienna. On the grounds of Schloss Schönbrunn is a beautiful (former) imperial place where you will find the Zoo. And it is one of the few European zoos with giant pandas.