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Travel Europe Austria The oldest restaurant in the world - Saint Peter restaurant Stiftskeller

The oldest restaurant in the world - Saint Peter restaurant Stiftskeller

The Oldest Restaurant, Salzburg, Austria, Stiftskeller Saint Peter, Inside view2

Saint Peter Stiftskeller restaurant, located in Saint Peter's Archabbey monastery building, Salzburg, Austria, is considered to be the oldest restaurant in the world, with over 1200 years.

The first documentary mention of the local, dating from 803 and then, tradition says the restaurant has functioned without interruption, along with an inn, as old.

Aware of the historical value of this monument, inscribed on the Austrians input text: "Here is, for 1,200 years the true hospitality of Salzburg".

St itself. Peter's Archabbey, where there is a restaurant, has a remarkable experience, being founded in 696 by St. Rupert, the role of missionaries as needed was to carry on the Lord Words and raise the Christian faith in Eastern Alps.

Monastery important result from the fact that, until in 987, abbot and archbishop of Salzburg were the same person. Generations of elders and their caregivers have made the monastery to be a center of German culture, here elaborating the many manuscripts, of which 800 copies are kept today in the monastery library which include 100,000 volumes today.

The fact that many people of European culture have traveled to Salzburg, stopping necessarily the monastery, explains the long and neintreurpta existence of the inn, together with associated restaurant.

Handwritten documents of Mozart, Haydn, Neukomm, found in archives, allow us to believe that perhaps many geniuses of the past and slept at the inn and restaurant services enjoyed Stiftskeller St. Peter.

Both the restaurant and inn, commercial units are now located in the tourist circuit. Their antiquity attract tourists eager to eat in the restaurant and listen to legends place millennia, the Benedictine monks who delights, they adapt and tourism activities.

What is worth to be mentioned?

- Candles burn once today, but the light must be completed, discreet, with chandeliers and apply.
- Nothing puts you in the atmosphere of the past better than arches.
- The old terrace is, and it completely renovated.
- Corner of the orchestra. Nobody knows whose violins were heard in the corner.
- Cannot deprive a retro-modern salon for guests account.