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Travel Asia Vietnam Preparing for a holiday in Vietnam

Preparing for a holiday in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a very attractive holiday destination due to its natural beauty and rich culture. Very beautiful coastline, forested mountains, spectacular national parks and towns full of life are just some of the attractions. However, a trip to Vietnam is complicated legal procedures and safety measures to be taken.

Find out what preparations are made for a holiday in Vietnam:

Visa to Vietnam

If you want to spend a holiday in Vietnam, you need a visa. This is issued for a period of 15 days. For the visa pass you have to consult the information provided by the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after entry into this country.

Safety in Vietnam

It is important that a trip to Vietnam to follow directions and tourist guide those of officials. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example, recommended "strongly" in the travel guide for Asia and the Romanian citizens to travel insurance, medical and life for Vietnam.

National Institute of Public Health may obtain information on vaccines to be made prior to travel to Vietnam.

It is good before departure you interested in the latest developments in Vietnam to be aware of any travel alerts. In areas known as theater of war in the past, tourists are advised not to venture and to strictly follow the tour operator instructions.

What you should know about food and drink in Vietnam

Vietnam is a perfect destination for gourmets. Many menus include noodles, seafood, vegetables and fish. Fruits and vegetables are recommended to be peeled and cooked thoroughly before eating them. Avoid drinks and all meals on the ice, because you cannot know what kind of water used. It is important to drink bottled water in Vietnam to get away from problems.

Money in Vietnam

In big cities can use the cards, especially credit are very popular tourist centers. Traveler checks and currency can be exchanged in banks. In rural areas of Vietnam is recommended to take your cash. Besides the Vietnamese dong, in many places you can pay with U.S. dollars.

In Vietnam, the average holiday budget, you will spend about U.S. $ 30-40 per day. For a luxury vacation, you can spend between 50 and 150 dollars daily.

In Vietnam you can eat out with little money. There are dishes that cost between 1 and 5 U.S. dollars. A gourmet restaurant, a meal with all drinks cost $ 15.

At travel agencies, a seaside holiday in Vietnam, a 5-star hotel, cost € 1100 per person. A circuit in Vietnam costs between 800 and 1800 Euros depending on the duration and the services included. Circuits have longer duration of 13 days and costs 1,500 Euros per person.