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Welcome to Qatar

Qatar, UAE, Doha city scape

Occupying peninsula that comes in oil-filled waters of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a country that has one of the highest incomes per capita in the world, a wealth that is reflected in the bold project, and Islamic Art Museum, built for to house the largest art collection in the world. 50% of the population lives in the capital Doha, one of the most important cities in the Middle East and an important commercial center.

Most tourists spend time visiting Doha Corniche, a promenade area in the shape of palm, which extends 7 km along the sea and is lined by hotels, restaurants, shops and beaches. In a short trip to visit Palm Island, a destination filled with entertainment and restaurants. A major attraction is the shopping in traditional markets (Souq) or variety of stores downtown.

If you want to explore the country outside the capital, you can take trips into interesting cities, fishing villages, beautiful beaches, camel races, luxury resorts and nature reserves. Such a reserve is created specifically to protect species of Oryx gas. This is the unicorn legend originated, and is Qatar's national symbol.

Main attractions:

- Most visited Qatar, from the capital Doha, a city located in the Gulf and cultural and commercial center which houses 50% of the population. Like many cities in the region, Doha presents an attractive mixture between ancient Arab tradition and modern metropolitan life. City attractions include old and new architecture, wooden boats "dhow", Museum of Islamic Art, the inland sea of Khor Al Adaid and Al Shaqab horse farm.

- Al Wakrah is a small town halfway between Doha and Mesaieed. Here is a flourishing center of fishing, and is an old port, still used today. The city is famous because of beautiful mosques, and homes that reflect the old Islamic architectural style.

- Alkham is located 57 km north of Doha and is a city full of relics of vanished times - mosques, museums with valuable archaeological objects, historic towers.

- Shahaniya is a special track for racing camels, located 60km west of Doha.

- Palm Island is 10 minutes by boat off the capital. The island has facilities and entertainment for families and children, a marine and barbecue restaurant with a cafe.

- Aladdin's Kingdom is an amusement park in West Bay area. He has over 18 games for all age groups, a rest house, an artificial lagoon, a theater and a cafeteria.

- Zoo is located 20 km from Doha, Salwa road. Here you can see a lot of animals, birds and reptiles, and a small amusement park for children.

- Al Khor Beach Udaid is in the southeast, 78 km from Doha. This beautiful beach is distinguished by sand dunes that can reach 40 m height.

- The Jassasiya is a chain of rocky hills overlooking the north coast, between the villages of Al Huwailah and Fuwairit. The hills are famous for its caves and engravings dating from prehistoric times.


Rice is the main food of the inhabitants of Qatar. Usually it is first fried and then boiled. During the first stage of roasting, add the saffron to give color yellow. Bread is served at every meal, especially pita bread.

Humus is made from chickpeas and also is a popular type. Hamour is a kind of Gulf fish, fry or cook with rice. And the lamb is often used in food. Other popular foods are crustaceans, which are found in abundance on the banks of the country.


Qatar was controlled by the sheik of Bahrain, but in 1867 a war broke out between people and leaders absent. To maintain peace in the Persian Gulf, the British put him in the region leader Muhammad ibn Thani al-Thani, belonging to the most important families in Qatar. In 1893, the Turks have tried several times to enter in Qatar, but were expelled by the emir. In 1916 Emir of Qatar allowed to become a British protectorate.

In 1940 oil was discovered, which brought wealth to the country in 1950 and 1960. About 85% of the country's export income comes from oil. Residents of Qatar have one of the highest incomes in the world. In 1971 Qatar joined the other emirates on Armistice Coast to become part of the UAE. But both Qatar and Bahrain have ruled against the merger, to become independent states.

Qatar has allowed the country to use the international forces based in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. A territorial dispute with Saudi Arabia was solved in 1992, but the dispute over Hawar Islands Bahrain in terms remained unresolved. In 1994, Qatar signed a defense pact with the U.S., becoming the third Gulf country that signs the document.

In 1995, the new emir has removed the censorship of the press and implemented liberal reforms, including democratic elections and suffrage for women. In Qatar is Al Jazeera, the Arabic television network which has a huge popularity, but is also controversial. Qatar introduced its first constitution in 2005 and it provides freedom of expression, assembly and religion.

Useful information

Qatar is a country tolerant enough and people are famous for their hospitality. But in order not to offend, by mistake, the people, you should keep in mind some specific elements of this culture. In public, you should have your knees and shoulders covered. Business or social meetings, serving coffee is part of the ritual of welcoming the guests. They are served by age or status. Cup must be kept in hand - accept two cups (one cup to drink is a disgrace to the host, and to drink more than three is a shame for other guests). Never take gifts with your left hand.

Opposite sex never do not touch in public, even if they are married. Arabs have a habit of talking loud, repeated many times and constantly interrupt. Conversations are usually more emotional and gestures. Local time is GMT +3.