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Burj al Arab

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,  Burj Al Arab, overview

The Burj al Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai, designed by architect Tom Wright. It is the only seven stars hotel in the world and stands on an artificial island in the sea. The hotel has become the symbol of Dubai and one of the most famous buildings in the world-b-.


In 1994 they started with creating the artificial island 280 meters away from the coast. There is this distance chosen so that the shadow falls not on the beach. They began with the construction of a foundation consisting of 230 pillars each 40 meters long. The ground for the foundation was made up of large rocks in a Honeycomb pattern, to protect against erosion. A bridge connects the hotel to the mainland. After three years starts construction of the hotel, and opened its doors in 1999. With a height of 321 meters was the tallest hotel Burj al Arab world until the completion of the 333 meters high Rose Tower in 2008. But now the record is held by the Burj Khalifa with 828 m finished in October 2009.


The hotel is shaped like the sail of a dhow, an Arab ship with two wings in the form of a V, with a central mast. The open side is closed with teflon-coated fiberglass canvas, making an atrium consists of up to 180 meters high. This white sail shows a soft light during the day while at night both inside and outside is illuminated with lights that change color. It has for three to six months the temperature in the atrium with a structurally lower half degrees per day. This is to avoid a rain cloud would form at the top of the atrium.
On the city side is the restaurant Al Muntaha ("highest"), which is located at 200 meters above the Persian Gulf. The restaurant is on the mast of the building and extends 27 meters from both sides, making it appear to float. The restaurant provides a magnificent panoramic view. On the sea side there is a helipad in the form of a circle. This platform also functions as the supreme world tennis.


The interios design was made by Khuan Chew the principle of KCA International Design. The client wanted his hotel to the most luxurious and most original hotel in the world. The assignment to Chew was the most expensive materials used and the rooms a rich and exciting look. Moreover, should the rooms are equipped with the most advanced technical controls for television, curtains and lights. The large rooms have a private entrance, cinema room and personal butler.
The hotel has 202 rooms, the smallest 169 and largest 780 square meters. The rooms are accessible via open corridors from which one looks into the atrium. Initially she wanted to leave the entire atrium white, so the contrast with the luxurious rooms and enhance the architecture of the building to come into its own. The client had disagreed, and Chew chose each floor a different color as to cause a rainbow of colors is created. The columns are made of gold and on the ground floor there is a fountain that the water meters in the air syringe. All this makes for an unforgettable first impression when you enter the hotel.


It is unknown exactly how much the hotel has cost, but the total cost is estimated at 1.5 billion US dollars. Experts think the hotel should be booked for 400 years from now to be profitable.