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Travel Asia Thailand The Rose of the North Chiang Mai - Thailand

The Rose of the North Chiang Mai - Thailand

Thailand, Chiang Mai Wat Phra Singh Temple Wihaan view

Chiang Mai is a large well-known city in northern Thailand at about 700 km from Bangkok. Many tourists visit this place during a journey through this stunning country. The climate is somewhat cooler than in Central and South Thailand, the city offers many cultural highlights and is best known for its vast collection of temples.

Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 and bordered by a river that is called Ping. Because the Ping regularly flooded during the monsoon was a wall around the city built this wall still exists and the area inside the walls, the ancient city ".Chiang Mai was once the Silk Road, which obviously favored the economic climate in the city. Chiang Mai is under the influence of tourism is not changed as fast as the southern parts of Thailand, this makes a visit to this city more fun.

Part of her popularity Chiang Mai is due to its climate. The temperature is pleasant here than in the hot Bangkok. Temperatures fluctuate between mid-November and January between 13 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius. In the hills around Chiang Mai is even colder. In February the temperature begins to rise and in the dry season (March to May) the temperature varies between 17 ° C and 36 ° C. In the rainy season (June to mid-November), the maximum temperature does drop somewhat, but the minimum temperatures rarely rise. In Chiang Mai is the daytime temperature is approximately equal to the nighttime. If rain falls, it falls mostly sporadic, except in August and September during the peak of the rainy season. Then the streets would sometimes overflow.

In Chiang Mai are more than 300 temples, it is almost as many as in Bangkok (which is a much larger city). The temples in Chiang Mai are characterized by their architectural style that points back to the Lanna period (13th and 14th centuries). Pomp and pageantry are central. It is easy to rent a bicycle so you can visit on their own temple within the city walls.

First are below a certain etiquette rules according to where one should keep within the temples:
1. Before you enter a temple, you should tell your shoes off.
2. Suitable clothing to wear (the upper arms must be covered beyond the shoulders and legs to mid calf).
3. Your feet should never point towards a Buddha image. Pointing with the soles of Buddhism is seen as unclean or even insulting. Keep your legs under your body as you sit on the floor.
4. It goes without saying, but visitors should behave themselves decently. Disturb the peace in a temple not.
5. Monks should not touch women. If a woman wants to give a gift to a monk, this only through a male intermediary by the gift next to him on the floor to put down.

Wat Phra Singh - A beautiful temple within the city walls, it is a good example of architecture from the Lanna period and during Songkran (water festival in April).
Wat Chiang Man - This is the oldest temple within the city walls, here are some beautiful and famous Buddha statues.
Wat Chedi Luang - Here you will find a wonderful old chedi (stupa).
What Jet Yot - This temple was built in the image of the Mahad Bodhi temple in India.
What Suan Dok - Here are a 500 years old bronze Buddha image and some very nice murals.
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep - This temple is located a little outside the city on a hill, but is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the holiest temples in northern Thailand and many pilgrims come here then go. The stairs to the temple on both sides decorated with ceramic Nagas, mythical beings in Dante's scary snake.

In Chiang Mai are a lot of courses. This gives you a choice of courses, meditation classes, massage training courses and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). But the most popular courses in Chiang Mai are the cooking classes. These are courses where one day they will learn a number of typical Thai dishes prepared. This is an absolute must. The courses are often very nice and cozy and sticks also look at what actually. Before you know it you will soon be your favorite Thai dish in your cuisine.

One of the most popular activities in northern Thailand is making a trek. This treks go into the mountains for several days. Depending on the draw, go hiking, mountain biking, driving jeeps, elephant riding, rafting, or a combination thereof. It is more extensive, more expensive. Many treks are visiting hill tribes on the program and of course also the beautiful nature.

To understand the supply and prices are best for a number of travel companies enter and inform. The trekking industry has grown significantly in recent years. Many treks can now be undertaken by people who are not physically fit. Some experienced hikers find the treks in this region therefore a disappointment. For others it is the highlight of their trip.

Within and around the city walls you can just fine on bicycles. It is also possible to rent a moped, but beware of the busy and chaotic traffic in this city. Chiang Mai is well connected to other major cities in Thailand by bus, train or plane.