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Thailand vacation

Thailand, Asia, Landsite overview

Thailand is a tropical paradise in Southeast Asia. Warm climate, affordable prices, beautiful nature and friendly people, thanks to Thailand has achieved tremendous popularity as a tourist destination.

Urban Recreation and paradise beaches

Thailand remained the subject of long-term backpackers, but over the years has become more and more people throughout the holiday destination where families also thrive.-b-
Many associate the Thai-city trip and a vacation that relaxed beach life. The trip may include a week on a city holiday shopping, and exploring Bangkok's palaces and the second week in addition to a relaxed holiday on the beach in one of Thailand's paradise islands.
Thailand will also be themed tours. Thai golf tours, spa vacations, adventure trips and hikes in the rain forests of Thailand are very popular. Divers of Thailand offers a spectacular underwater scenery. The country also has a different language diving school, so a beginner may elect to education in their own language.

Shopping with a smile

Thailand's prices are so cheap in supermarkets than in exotic markets, and markets. Multi-trip to return a bag full of new clothing, jewelry and shoes. Especially in the Bangkok shopping opportunities are excellent. Haggling is commerce, and it is always with a smile.
The Thai smile is known for anyway - a thing as a thing is handled with happy expressions. Correctness and good manners of the culture, the traveler should remember to behave when in Rome do as the Romans do. Thailand's tourist destinations will usually get along well in English, but taxi drivers for example may be a good idea to go with the hotel address.

The best season in Thailand

Thailand can travel to any time of year, when only selects the right place. Monsoon rains hampered holidays at different times across the country about two months at a time. Gulf of Siam on the side of Koh Samui's side, a good time to travel are the months from December to September. Phuket Andaman Sea side supports travel in November and August, the months in between. Northern Thailand, including Chiang Mai, you can head to the February-November.
November and February, the time between is considered by many the best time to travel to Thailand. Where temperatures remain at an average of 25-32 degrees. Hottest time is between March and May months. When it reaches over 40 degree temperatures, for example in Northern Thailand. Levels in the June and October, but even then, the rains are most common in the afternoons and at night. The latter may be a good time to travel to Thailand, since the prices are at their lowest, and tourists will be less.
Bangkok the capital position of the world's hottest titles. The temperature there will never drop below 28 degrees or even a refreshing sea breeze above the city up. The air is thick and the heat seems unreal.

Multi-level accommodation

Accommodation options in Thailand can be found for every need. Package tour price includes the hotel often. Major hotels are often located in relation to attractions and transport links at key places
If you arrange accommodation for yourself, you may want to compare the options somewhat. Local guesthouse-style accommodation at an affordable price is often a relative high quality. Room amenities will vary, however, so when making a reservation should be careful. While the de luxurious room with air conditioning may also have a fridge, a TV and a balcony, it may be a modest alternative to just a bed windowless room.

Bus and train

The Thailand transport culture of the car can be a shock for many other transport behaviors. Horns are ringing, and cars, scooters and motorcycles are a huge move. Even the smallest niche, and go boldly through the narrow and winding roads skipped wildly. Thailand's road is not, therefore, cannot praise too safe, even if the coach are fabulous. Public buses are also in good health and travel is progressing nicely.
The most convenient and at the same time offering the best travel option for scenery in Thailand is a transition from a train. Thailand's railway network is complete and in good condition. Beyond the sleeper berth for a trip is affordable and a very nice option.

Relaxed tuk tuk

Smaller distances moving taxis and tuk tuk are convenient and really inexpensive alternatives. Air-conditioned taxi to attract a hot day, but you should also try an even cheaper and more atmospheric tuk tuk-taxis. Report only what you want to clear the target, and do not receive the free sight-seeing tours. Their purpose is to take you shopping to various tourist shops, which are the drivers. Be sure to bargain the price and agree to it in advance if you do not have a taxi meter.
Insist on the taxi meter at the meter, it is always the cheapest option. In Thailand, you can easily hire a taxi for the whole day at a price that in other countries you used to pay one short ride.

Vaccinations and Malaria

Before you travel you should check the most recent vaccination and malaria, the situation with your doctor. In general, the Thai trip is enough of the basic vaccines (tetanus, polio, diphtheria), in addition to hepatitis A vaccination. The most popular tourist areas, malaria vaccine is not usually necessary. Malaria risk areas in Thailand are mostly Burmese and Cambodian border areas. Dengue fever, it is still advisable to use insect repellents, and try to avoid mosquito injections throughout Thailand. Ask your health care.
Security in Thailand
Thailand is basically a safe travel destination, as long as the van passenger himself only common sense to keep him. Crowded streets and squares should keep your wallet in a safe place. Tourist destinations is sufficient always eager locals, who want to provide a "lovers' help - them you knowledgeable and friendly local guide, but equally, you can get your money when you shop half forcibly directed to a souvenir shop, where you do not really even wanted to.
Be careful with the water faucet. Avoid ice cubes, if you're not sure of their origin, and drink only bottled water or other drinks. Street caterers, the food is mostly very safe, but make sure it is properly heated.