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Top tourist attractions in Oman

Tourist Attraction, Muscat, Oman, Sultan Qaboos grand mosque

Located in the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is an exotic destination in the Middle East. The country has a diverse landscape, from fertile plains, mountains and desert to sandy beaches. Besides the attractions of the coast, Oman attracts local culture, spectacular scenery and interesting shopping centers for shopping enthusiasts. Because of its location, Oman is a good starting point for other countries near the border, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Here are some of the most interesting tourist attractions in Oman:


Muscat is the capital of Oman and the country's main tourist destination. Shopping enthusiasts in Muscat are modern shopping centers and traditional markets with a very diverse range of products: fragrances, jewelry, carpets, clothes, spices, etc.

Worth visit in Muscat's old city, located between Port Sultan Qaboos and Al Bustan Beach. Old city walls are dating from the first half of the seventeenth century.

Those who want to tan can go Quiryat beaches, safe or Yitti. They are attractive to all foreigners who visit the city and want to relax in the sun a few hours.

As Saleel Nature Park

As Saleel Nature Park is a nature reserve in the Sharqiyah region. Reserve covers an area of 220 square kilometers and is covered by forests and acacia. In this Park Nature Saleel lives endangered animal species such as Arabian gazelle.

Irrigation systems (The Five Falaj)

The five irrigation systems in Oman, with an age of 2000 years, are declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are the oldest irrigation systems in the region, and now, they continue to be an important source of water in the sultanate. Falaj Daris, Al Khatmayn, Al Malaki, Al Muyassar, Al Jaylah.

Castles in Oman

Castles in Oman illustrates the rich Arabic culture and history of these places. Monuments are works of art made by famous architects and engineers in their day. Some of the castles can be visited are The Ainayn, Al Hazm, Al Hillah, Al Mintarib, etc. The Sulayf, Al Hazm Castle is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. Castle walls have a thickness of 3 meters and the roof is supported by columns, no rafters.

Sur town

Sur is an ancient town worth visiting at least a few hours. The city is in the east, the Gulf of Oman coast. Throughout history, Sur was an important port city in the region. Today the city is celebrated for its nightlife, but also for naval construction.


Nizwa is the ancient capital of Oman. Today, it attracts travelers with its bazaars where there are silver handicrafts. To experience the local atmosphere, deserves to make a visit to one of cattle fairs to see people doing business. People come from everywhere to buy and sell animals, and the atmosphere is lively.