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Travel Asia Japan Hells of Beppu - Kyushu - Japan

Hells of Beppu - Kyushu - Japan

Hells of Beppu, Kyushu, Japan, Kamado Jigoku

In the city of Beppu, Oita, Kyushu Island, is found a group of amazing hot springs, both through the spectacular landscape and by water volume. In fact, Hells of Beppu ranks second in the world by volume of water, second only to Yellowstone. Over 130,000 tons of boiling water gushing out from the ground every day.

Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell)
Gorgeous blue color is given by iron sulfate dissolved in water. The water temperature reaches 98 °C / 208.4 °F. This hot pond is surrounded by spacious gardens with several secondary water springs, colored in orange and a large pond of clear water with lotus flowers.
This spring was formed after a volcanic eruption about 1200 years ago.

Kamado Jigoku (Cooking Pot Hell)
A Japanese giant demon - Oni, greet those who visit this spring. Water temperature reaches of 90 °C / 194 °F. Here are served culinary specialties cooked by steaming spring.

Oniishibozu Jigoku (Mud Hell)
Spring has gained its name from the bubbling mud, reminding of shaved heads of Buddhist monks. The water temperature is 99 °C / 210.2 °F. Around the mud pond are public baths, with pools.

Shiraike Jigoku (White Pond Hell)
Milky-white waters inspired the name of the spring. Around the pond are beautiful Japanese garden and an aquarium with tropical fish. The water temperature reaches 95 °C / 203 °F.

Oniyama Jigoku (Demon Mountain Hell)
A combination of hot water and alive crocodiles is what visitors discover to this thermal spring. The water temperature reaches 98 °C / 208.4 °F.

Yama Jigoku (Mountain Hell)
It consists of small ponds who spread across hot steam. Here, the waters are colored in red-brown. It is also a pleasant place because to the zoo, who houses chimps, hippos, birds and more. Water temperature reaches of 90 °C / 194 °F.

Chinoike Jigoku (Blood Pond Hell)
Reddish color of the water is given by iron oxide. It is the oldest hot spring of Japan and most spectacular in terms of coloring. Water temperature reaches of 78 °C / 172.4 °F.

Tatsumaki Jigoku (Spout Hell)
In fact, it is a geyser, which is unusual in Japan. Water Reaches temperature of 101 °C / 213.8 °F and erupts every 30-40 minutes. Eruptions can last up to 10 minutes and the height of the jet is limited by a stone placed over the geyser.