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Travel Asia Indonesia Bali - Island of the 1000 temples

Bali - Island of the 1000 temples

Bali, Indonesia, Pura Ulun Danuon Lake Temple

Island is in Indonesia, between two islands, Sumatra and Lombok Java. Due to proximity to the equator, coral reefs, white sand beaches, sacred caves and high mountains, Bali is one of the most popular vacation spots for tourists. It is also called "morning world", "Island of the 1000 temples" or "Island of Gods". A very important feature for tourists is present in Bali offering trips. You can tour the island by bus, car, ship, boat or plane. It is best to contact an agency on the island as soon as you get to make your reservation.

In Bali you really need to visit temples. These are some of Balinese architectural masterpieces. Forged from stone or wood, temples are full, completely made of sculpture, representing all sorts of figures, demons, heroes, gods, scenes from everyday life, witch etc. scenes from hell. All these sculptures are painted in vivid colors. Impressive is that initially, the painting was used only for adorning temples. Today has a strong commercial role. When you enter the temple, be sure to wear clothes as decent as possible avoiding short pants and sleeves.

Another memorable experience is the dance of Bali. It has precise movements, the hands, head, fingers and eyes play important roles. Most dances are in the form of sketches, remembering fragments of traditional stories, the Mahabharata and Ramayana. It is said that dancers are those who practice this art since the early years of life. Some of the most popular dances are called Barong and Legong.

If you arrive in Bali, you will have the opportunity to see schools of dance with students of 5 years or less and you can even practice with them a few steps.

• Capital: Denpasar
• Climate: Tropical with two seasons: dry from April to October, wet from November to March.
• Official Currency: Rupee.
• Religion: Hindu Balinese, being a mixture of Hinduism and Indian traditions brought by the local to the Majapahit Empire. In Indonesia, the Muslim religion is based.
• Language: Balinese and Indonesian.
• Time Zone. +8 hours GMT
• Temple: in Indonesian the word temple is "pure" space that is surrounded by walls.
• Monkeys: If you visit a forest with monkeys, keep away. Although animals are considered sacred by Hindus, this does not lessen the danger of being attacked by them.
• Altars: in Bali there are small altars everywhere, in temples, in front of stores, streets, etc., where people can make daily prayer. It is forbidden to walk into or taking flowers to these places.