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Travel Asia China Tianzi Mountains - China

Tianzi Mountains - China

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Located in the province Hunan Tianzi Mountain is one of the four Wulingyuan area attractions. The name means "Son of Heaven" and covers an area of 67 square kilometers. Amazing scenes greet tourists in every season: the snow in winter, the Sea of Clouds, Rays of Sunshine and the Radiance of the Moonlight.

Yu Bi Peaks (Imperial Brushes) rises to the sky, with peaks covered by pine trees. Opposite Xiang Nv San Hua is (offering of flowers to fairies). And the forest of peaks arrayed as for parade is Shen Bing Ju Hui.

Unique karst peaks appear in groups to provide a mysterious setting, but very beautiful. Picturesque places leaves you speechless. The landscapes are magnificent, even looking through mist and clouds.

Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is characterized by old remnants of sandstone eroded mountains, some in obelisk form, other in form of massive blocks. Limestone bedrock present in the nature reserve, eroded over millennia of water, produced caves because limestone is softer and more easily dissolved in water rich in carbonic acid, specific in the area.

Among his many wonderful pictures, worth to notice mountain peaks nesting trees, the landscape that inspired the movie Avatar. Tianzi Mountain is characterized by forested valleys, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, and by peaks covered with trees or snow, limestone caves, bridges and thick mist, creating an enchanting and eerie effect.

Remains of mountain peaks creates natural platforms of different heights, observation points for the surroundings. The highest peak of the Natural Reserve is Kunlun Peak, and is 1,262 meters above sea level, offering spectacular panoramic views of the. Although thick fog often envelops the mountains, this is a place you must see. Visitors can use the cable car to "fly" through the peaks. The most suitable months for Tianzi mountain trips are April, May, September and October