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Tianjin Museum

Tianjin, China, Tianjin Museum entrance

The Tianjin Museum is the second largest building in China. It was designed by Shin Takamatsu Architects in collaboration with Mamoru Kawaguchi. The building was opened in 2006 and contains the collections of the former Tianjin Art and History Museum.

The impressive building is known as "the swan", because of its unique shape that resembles an abstracted swan with wings folded on her nest. The building consists of a large glass bowl that encloses the three floors. The ground area of the museum is 31,400 square meters. On the ground floor are a pub, waiting rooms, storerooms, offices and a reading room available.

From the hall you reach through the glass elevators to the first and second floor, where the exhibit halls are located. But during the day the building has access to a huge sports complex or airport, but by the night, the illuminated building gain a magical aura.